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What Are Angel Numbers? An In-Depth Guide For 2021

Astrology is a broad and deep topic, with many different aspects to explore. One of the most interesting areas of study in astrology is numerology–the belief that numbers have meaning and can affect our lives. So, what are angel numbers? First, we need to briefly talk about Numerology and how it relates to these angel numbers.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the belief that numbers are a form of divination. Numeric values have been assigned to letters in an alphabet, and each letter corresponds with specific numerals. For example: “A” = one; B= two etc… And when you add up, these numeric equivalents for all 26 English-language alphabet.

There is no conclusive evidence that numerology works, and some people might even argue it’s a form of pseudoscience. But the idea behind this branch on metaphysics isn’t without merit–the belief in energy frequencies when you break numbers down into their component parts; for instance: 12 = one+two which means “one” has become all-encompassing/connecting to everything because two are now combined as they were before-separated by an ‘other.’ It also indicates how we operate within dualistic realms or dichotomies such like light vs dark has been united together so there can be balance between both aspects – much more intricate than our math system requires!

In this article, we’ll discuss the meanings and significance of angel numbers.

Haven’t heard about them before? Angel Numbers are a popular form of numerology that refers to “numbers” or strings in their own right–not just an interpretation by number as with typical astrology readings using your birthday for example (I’m not talking horoscopes here).

These numbers are often called “angelic” or heavenly. That’s because they’re not just random digits but rather have a specific meaning in relation to the angels and your life purpose.

We will take an in-depth look at angel numbers: what they are and how they might affect your life.

So, What Are Angel Numbers? 

Angel numbers are a phenomenon that has been observed through the generations and centuries. These strange “signs” have shown themselves in many ways – from alphabetic sequences to various shapes or patterns like triangles, circles which can be seen as an indication of something special happening – such occurrences always point out towards angels being present on our side.

How Do You Know If You’ve Received An Angel Number?

So, how do you know when one is present? Well, there are many ways to tell. One way would be a repeating sequence of two numbers appearing on your phone or as an email notification; another could simply manifest itself in the form that it appears – like for example if they were written out across doorways and windows with chalk.

There are plenty of other signs that the angel number connection may be with us – like seeing a specific sequence appear repetitively on clocks (such as 12:21).

Seeing a specific number on an advertisement as you’re driving past it. For example, if your license plate has the numbers “123456″ and then there is another car with its plates reading “345678,” that would be considered to have angelic connections because both cars had repeated sequences of three identical digits in them

Why Should I Pay Attention To Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers can offer some guidance during tough times, or give you an insight into your future. Knowing what they mean and how to interpret them is key!

How To Interpret Angel Numbers And Signs

So, how do we interpret these angel numbers?

There are specific rules to follow for interpreting angel numbers and signs. First, you must take into account the type of number or sign that was seen – is it a sequence? A repetition (like on clocks)? Or just one occurrence like in an ad where there were only two cars with plates reading “345678” out driving past each other?

A sequence is a series of numbers that can be either ascending or descending. Ascending sequences are usually seen as positive, while decreasing ones typically have some negative implications (like the end being near). Usually, these kinds signify an event in your life where things start to happen and progress until they reach their climax.

A repetition is a series of numbers that are the same (such as 111 repeating). These can be seen as positive or negative, depending on what’s happening in your life overall at this time and how you feel about it.

Understanding sequences and repetition with angel numbers will help clarify and guide you when you do encounter them in your life.

What Are Some Examples Of Angel Numbers & Their Meanings?

Some examples of angel numbers and their meanings are: 111, 555 & 1234. It’s important to remember that these number combinations can be interpreted in different ways depending on the person who is seeing them – it may mean one thing for me but something totally else when you see those same digits!

We’ll very briefly go over a few of the most common angel number repetitions seen in day-to-day life.

Angel Number Repetitions

Angel Number 111

This is often considered a message from the angels to help support you during times of stress or emotional turmoil.

Angel Number 222

This is often considered a message from your guardian angels in order to remind you that they are always there. Be sure not only look for this number sequence but also the 111 combination as it’s been said these numbers can be combined and become “angel power” when seen together!

Angel Number 333

This number sequence is often seen as a sign of support from your guardian angels to help you with any goals that are important.

Your future is nothing but endless possibilities. Choose the one that feels most aligned with your heart and go for it wholeheartedly!

Angel Number 444

This number sequence is often a sign that you are being guided by your angels to move forward in faith.

Angel Number 555

This could be seen as the most positive of all angel numbers and can also indicate love, kindness or understanding from guardian spirits who watch over us at night while we’re sleeping!

Angel Number 888

It signifies the aspect of being fortunate and having many blessings that come to you at once or not expecting something but it comes anyways.

The number 888 has always been known as an angelic symbol for protection, truth, intuition and knowledge which makes sense considering all these aspects are beneficial qualities when trying to maintain balance within one’s own self-identity.

Angel Number 999

We all have moments in our life where we feel like it’s time for something new to happen. It might be a relationship, or job change- but when this number appears, it often means that you’re ready to move on from what was and open the door for something amazing! Trust yourself and your gut instincts (they are rarely wrong) as they will guide you through whatever lies ahead.

Angel Number 1010

This number suggests that it’s time to trust ourselves more than we have been recently because when our faith is strong others will follow suit as well. This can also mean trusting in whatever higher power or deity guides us so their wisdom may lead us on the right path forward with confidence knowing they’re supporting every decision made along the way towards achieving success both professionally and personally

Angel Number 1111

This number often means you’ve reached the top of your game and are a champion in every sense. It’s time to accept that all is good because there will be plenty more opportunities for challenges ahead which can happen with ease if we’re well rested, happy (inside) & healthier than ever before! We must also remember this angelic message doesn’t mean it won’t get any better so enjoy where life has taken us today as long-term success may not always come easy but when dreams do become reality, they feel like magic anyway… so keep dreaming big each day knowing no matter what happens – even on days filled with lots of stress or sadness; these feelings don’t have permanent power over our lives unless we allow it to.

Angel Number Sequences

Angel Number 1234

Angel number 1234 is a symbol of progress. All your hard work and dedication has paid off in this moment, as you see yourself making measurable strides forward. This may be the result of time spent on tasks that are finally paying off or simply self-improvement through exercise or study which takes place over many months. In any case, it’s clear to see how much improvement there’s been – just look at all those numbers!

Angel Number 911

An Angel Number 911 often appears at an auspicious time, meaning that you are about to be given a spiritual insight. Although this number is not as intense or significant in focus than other numbers, it can still provide clarity and guidance for your life.

Angel Number 717

Angel Number 717 means changes for the better have recently put you on the right track in regards to your life purpose and mission. You can feel that what you are doing is helpful, and you are encouraged to keep moving forward on your journey.

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