Angel Number 7979: Meaning & Symbolism

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I am sure every one of you reading this is somewhat familiar with angel numbers.

They are all around us, sometimes more obvious than other times.

But either way, we are constantly surrounded by these spirit guides, a.k.a. angel numbers.

In this case, you have seen the angel number 7979 quite frequently. Well, I am glad you did not mistake it for just a simple number sequence and instead took the initiative.

Angel number 7979 is a powerful number that your angelic guides have used to communicate with you, and the meaning of angel number 7979 could be more important than you think.

So, I am pleased to inform you that you have come to the right place.

Here, we will let you know all the meanings that are most important to angel number 7979 and all the special messages your divine angels want you to be aware of.

So, read on and get to know what this divine number is trying to tell you!


Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Manifestation


7979 angel number is an incredibly lucky number when it comes to manifestation.

When this number appears repeatedly, you best believe it is a sign.

In the case of manifestation, angel number 7979 is encouraging you to manifest now.

Yes, now. Your guardian angels want you to know that you are on the right track.

You are going in the right direction, so it is a good time for you to manifest.

You can use the Law of Attraction to receive what you may desire.

Another significant message of angel number 7979 is about your everyday life.

There may have been some changes and shifts in your life recently. If not, you can expect things in your life to take a turn sometime soon. But wait, do not get too worried.

Possibly, one of the most important messages of angel number 7979 is these shifts.

Your guardian angel wants you to accept change rather than try to avoid it. You may have been hesitant or even resistant to change, but your divine angels want you to embrace it.

Only with an open mind and a positive attitude can you allow this change to beneficially impact you. Only with change can the next chapter of your life begin.

So, accept any changes and take them as a good sign of a new beginning.

Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Spirituality


When it comes to spirituality, angel number 7979 is a sign of encouragement and positivity.

Its message can help you reflect on your life and make some necessary changes to improve it.

For example, if you feel like some things are holding you back for no reason, angel number 7979 encourages you to let go of them. There is nothing beneficial in keeping around parts of your life that no longer serve your life purpose or, at the very least, positively impact you.

You can lead a better life by cleansing yourself of all that brings you down.

You are an honest and sincere person that values the truth. Your genuineness is your strong asset that will only be more prosperous once you begin to recognize said virtues.

Angel number 7979 is telling you to embrace your righteousness, as your guardian angels are immensely proud of it. So, you must shape your life into one that reflects your beloved ethics.

This will help you advance on your spiritual path and gain spiritual knowledge. Your guardian angels support you and want you to know you are about to grow spiritually.

And if you want not just to grow spiritually, but feel enlightened, then you should keep at it.

The spiritual journey is never easy for anyone; the further you advance on it, the more challenges you will face. But this spiritual number 7979 wants you not to lose hope.

While the 7979 angel number has a spiritual meaning of advancement and positive reinforcement, it can also aid those feeling lost, discouraged, or let down.

Remember, your efforts will never go wasted, and you will be rewarded for your good deeds. The Universe sees you and all that you do, so trust the divine realm and be patient!

Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Love Life


You may have been going through many changes in your life recently.

These changes may have left you feeling a little overwhelmed or downright disturbed at worst. Do not worry; it is okay and perfectly normal for you to get a little shaken up.

But now it is time to get back up on your feet, even just a little.

When it comes to your love life, you should first look right inside yourself. You need to learn how to love yourself and care for yourself before doing anything else.

As you embrace and look after your soul, your soul mate will eventually make its way to you. It may seem hard to believe, but angel number 7979 wants you to trust the message.

You may feel melancholy and lonely all the time, seemingly for no reason.

But hold tight; the Universe has everything worked out for you. This is all happening for a reason, and it will all be for the best. Just be patient; great things are in store for you.

As for you, angel number 7979 recognizes your intense passion for those you love. You are a protector and care for those around you. You love hard, and your emotions are always sincere.

So, do not worry. Love and nurture yourself, and soon your romantic partner will do the same.

Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Twin Flames


Your twin flame is someone you have an immensely close connection with, and angel number 7979 is telling you that you are about to meet yours rather soon.

Yes, you heard me right; you are about to meet your twin flame in the near future.

If you have already experienced twin flame separation, angel number 7979 indicates a twin flame reunion is going to happen sooner than you know it.

There is no need to focus on any negatives in this relationship as your angels want you to instead concentrate on the positive way you two connect and bond with each other.

You and your twin flame have a special connection that is beautiful. There is no doubting this relationship, so if any hurdles occur, do not pay them too much attention.

The divine forces want you to know that you have been through many struggles in your life. You have been through your fair share of challenges, and now, it is time for you to relax.

Angel number 7979 is a sign that the relationship between you and your twin flame will blossom, and you will get what you have worked so hard for.

You have received messages of warmth and love from your angels, who are proud of how far you have come. 7979 angel number congratulates you; for now, you will feel joyful in life.

Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Career


In terms of one’s career, angel number 7979 has an important message in store for you.

You are on the right track in life and certainly on the right path in your professional life. Along with this, your career is going to see significant growth and advancement in the near future.

You are approaching a major turning point, and the next step in your career will take you to a rewarding milestone. Just keep going in the same direction that you are in already.

That is because you are on the absolute correct path, no matter how much you may doubt it.

You will soon reap the fruit of all your hard work, and the 7979 angel number wants you to know that your divine angels have your best in mind.

They see you and have your back at all times, so you should never give up on your efforts.

Your angels tell you that you will soon meet a significant accomplishment. This could come in various ways, such as a promotion, financial gain, or something else.

Whatever it may be, you will achieve some major goal of yours, and that too soon.

It could even be something unexpected, something you have never thought of before. You may not even see this coming, but when it does, you will realize that all was happening for a reason.

So, for now, you can prepare for what is to come. While this will be an exciting time of your life, you should make sure not to get overwhelmed by any chance.

This is especially important, and you should get ready to adjust, both mentally and physically.

Remember to feel the joy of your successes when they come, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work finally. All the while, do not forget to feel grateful for it.

After all, the undying support of the Universe and your guardian angels will bring you to such a milestone. So, it would help if you remembered to thank them.

To conclude, things are looking up for your career. Now, all that you have to do is keep working hard with a positive mindset and leave everything else in the hands of the Universe.

Angel Number 7979 Meaning For Money


When it comes to money, angel number 7979 sings a similar song.

It is a wonderful sign of hope, luck, wellness, and betterment. Angel number 7979 is an indication that everything is going to take a turn for the better, so congratulations.

Frequently seeing this number can signal that you will soon experience financial success. You will no longer have to stress about or worry about your income and expenses.

Monetary freedom is coming your way, and soon your manifestations for money will come true.

All in all, this is a sign from your divine angels that everything will be perfectly alright.

You are being well taken care of, and all will turn out in your favor, be patient. This is a sign that you should trust in your angels and stop worrying so much.

However, this should not be an invitation for you to slack off. You will be financially rewarded for your tireless hard work, so now is not the time to stop suddenly.

You are on the right track, and you need to continue on it. Keep working hard and continue your efforts. Angel number 7979 is telling you that the Universe has you in wonderful hands.

Now, just sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and keep your faith in the divine realm.



In a nutshell, angel number 7979 is a lucky number. This divine number is generally one of the more positive and uplifting angel numbers that people can feel grateful to have seen.

7979 tells you to sit tight and be patient because the fruits of your struggles are on their way.

Whether it be any part of your life, everything happens for a reason, and the divine forces are working to keep you afloat. No matter what happens, it would help if you trust in the Universe.

Angel number 7979 wants you to continue working hard and staying true to your morals.

You have a bright future ahead of you, and your guardian angels’ support is unwavering.

So, do not worry yourself too much; instead, take a moment to remind yourself of this.

And finally, remember to feel grateful for the Universal forces that care for you every moment.

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