Who Are Your Guardian Angels? 3 Amazing Facts

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Guardian angels are with us from birth and will be with us until we die. We are surrounded by spiritual forces and both religious and spiritual, benevolent beings. Our Guardian Angels are on par with the Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Light and Luminous beings who are close to God. They’re connected to the spirit world and measure high in the angelic hierarchy.

The more we raise our vibrations, open up to the spiritual and subtle energies of the physical worlds, and connect to our hearts, the more we can receive the loving energies of the Guardian Angels!

God created them for a purpose, a purpose to make themselves known to humankind so that we could develop the free will to conclude whether we would like their protection. They are pure spirits who do not force themselves on anyone.

This article aims to cover who your Guardian Angels are, how you can connect to them, and what you should do to align with the spiritual realm (where Guardian Angels are available for contact and communication). 



Who Are the Guardian Angels?

As shared in the Bible, there are three Guardian Angels: Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. These are special archangels because they are protector angels. Sometimes Archangel Raziel is mentioned as a guardian angel, but today we are covering only the three advanced spiritual beings above. You will have your own guardian angel assigned to you, or possibly 2- 3; this is the main difference between the angels, archangels, and the Guardian Angels. You can develop a close relationship with them. This leads to deeper and enhanced contact, communication, and spiritual connection.

Your guardian angels are here to assist you in both the physical and spiritual realms. They can help with a range of ailments and imbalances, such as psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. They can be called on during prayer, for protection, when meditating, as part of a daily sacred space ritual, or when a loved one has passed over.

Guardian angels are essentially protector angels. There is a subtle yet intense feeling of being “watched over.” Their loving energy and light surround you; you know instinctively and through your body’s spiritual and warming sensations that you are protected and supported. There’s a feeling of divine grace, a strong magnetic and electric energy around you simultaneously. Guardian angels are assigned as your personal care assistants. It’s a beautiful experience. 


Gabriel is the divine protector of messages and visions. He is known as “God is my strength,” and therefore works as a Guardian Angel to both provide you with strength and bless you with guidance and wisdom. Gabriel is an archangel- just like Michael and Raphael- and may be your personal guardian angel if you are seeking insight, wisdom, and revelations from the highest. He is here as your spiritual guide and voice of higher reasoning.

If you believe in a holy power, the divine essence, life force, Spirit, God, and any other benevolent, higher power, the chances are this angel is one of your protector angels. As the bringer of messages from the subtle and spiritual realms, he can bestow wisdom and secret information only the Creator knows. Of course, when working with some omniscient powers and forces, the intention must always be from your heart-space.

I.e., “would seeking Gabriel’s assistance lead to greater love, connection, authentic prosperity and emotions, and compassion or expansion in my life?!”

As a divine angel, he helps you receive hidden knowledge, secret info, unseen and invisible events or behind-the-scenes forces in your life, and key insight into relationships and factors you may be in the dark about. Essentially, everything present in your mind’s eye is often hidden due to the distractions of the chaos of the material plane. As the bringer of visions, he enlightens you. He is here to bring the unconscious to conscious light. He is very benevolent and has genuine intentions to bless you with his prophetic insight and wisdom, so please do not take his assistance for granted.


Gabriel’s Blessing

This angel is the archangel or protector angel who is seen with a horn. Other symbols include a scepter, spear, lily, shield, lantern, mirror, or olive branch. He has a white auric field and projects the ethereal qualities of purity, faith, devotion, inspiration, and alignment with the cosmos. White is a symbol of purity and peace, first and foremost. 

In Islam, Muhammad, the prophet, spoke of Gabriel, which implies that this angel has been around for a long time. He also does not just show himself to those who belong to the Christian faith. This is common with all guardian angels; they do not discriminate against religions, color, class, ethnicity, gender, or any other man-made and superficial identification. The angels are supremely compassionate- symbols of unconditional love. Muhammad said, in the Qur’an, Al Baqarah 2:97:

“Who is an enemy of Gabriel! For he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by God’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe.”

As a divine vision bringer and messenger angel, he is believed to pass righteous judgment on others. Jews believe God charges him with expressing judgment on his behalf and often sends him to serve karmic justice to those who have been severely wronged (or have done terrible acts). The Torah mentions his ability to bring insight and understanding to the lives of many.

In the Bible, it is shared that Gabriel was the one who informed the Virgin Mary that God had chosen her to give birth to Jesus Christ, which is a deeply important revelation and mission in itself. In other religions, he is one of God’s most supreme manifestations sent to “ordinary” people to relay important messages. 

When we consider all of this, we can see just how powerful Gabriel is as a guardian angel. He is here to guide and support you through your trickiest times divinely, no matter how trivial or significant. Or to simply provide you with some higher insight and wisdom on your path and journey. Finally, as a saint in Christianity, he is the messenger angel of teachers, diplomats, journalists, and anyone who works in the writings, speaking, diplomatic, or teaching fields.

If you’re someone who relays important messages to people, passing on communication that changes other’s lives, this one may just be one of your personal guardian angels. 


Raphael is referred to as “God heals.” He is the archangel of healing, compassion, and watching over those who travel. Additionally, he symbolizes ‘healing the healers,’ i.e., he works with herbalists, doctors, medical practitioners, physicians, therapists, and healers of all kinds. This holy angel is very nurturing and empathic, despite being naturally masculine. He is supremely gentle, wise, kind, loving, affectionate, and compassionate. He is known as the angel of compassion and healing power, although this is not his technical name. 

This is the angel who is both mentioned as a saint, specifically for giving sight to the blind, helping the elderly and ill, and restoring wholeness or balance to those with diseases and other ailments; and the guardian angel who can be called on for simple matters of protection. If you require some loving energy, comfort, warmth, or feelings of connection and safety, Raphael may be your angel! Because of his compassionate and caring ways, he is deeply balanced, meaning balanced internally with regard to masculine and feminine energies.

The message is: he is both strong and protective, a fierce protector and support system for those with pure hearts and caring, kindness, and empathy within themselves, and very intuitive and nurturing.

This archangel is here to remind you that strength often comes from grace, gentleness, and empathy, not just aggression or primal and competitive displays of character. He is an excellent guardian angel to have in all areas of life, and this is due to his holistic impact. He helps to heal the mind, body & soul. The psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies too. 



Holy Scripture speaks a lot about Archangel Michael, as he is one of the main holy angels and protectors of the kingdom of heaven. Michael is sent to earth to help human beings, you and I, when one needs protection. He brings a general angel’s presence as one of the most recognized guardian angel names. It’s a powerful presence that can often be confised with any other holy angels, archangels, or guardian angels. This is because all angels are protector angels, in some way.

His name means “one who is like God,” so he sits in a powerful position, bringing immense positive energy. Positive energy heals, transforms, empowers, and inspires. Regardless of your zodiac sign, gender, culture, or religion, he can help to answer your prayers with immense strength and courage. He is more masculine and boldly assertive than the other two main guardian angels and brings through fierce courage and inner strength from the higher realms.

He is often depicted with a sword, as he, quite literally, cuts through illusions. He is, therefore, all about truth, justice, and karmic or social order. Chaos and distortion are not his things! He likes to shine a light on imbalances and manipulations of truth or when injustices have been committed. In prayer, you can ask for his assistance in these matters. Like the other angels, he is benevolent; however, his ability to cut through illusions to get to the root of truth brings warrior-like energy to his healing presence.

One of the signs that he is near you or watching over you is seeing a vision or glimpse of a golden angel with a sword. Many people have a vision or astral glimmer of Michael’s celestial sword at some point in their lives.

3 Amazing Unknown Facts About Guardian Angels


You are always cared for…

Everyone has at least one guardian angel, and they are appointed or assigned to us from the moment of incarnation. This is pretty amazing. We are so spiritually protected. Despite all the trauma, life lessons, struggles, hardships, and challenges to grow from, there is a silent angel by our sides. Each human is born with a soul print, that is, a unique and specific DNA blueprint. Our Akashic Records hold information and memories of all our previous lives and our future lives. 

So all events, emotions, experiences, memories, and lessons learned and mastered come with us into this life. God provides us with protection, a personal guardian angel (or two) to watch over us silently. Regardless of whether we know about this incredibly beautiful and unconditionally loving protection, the guardian angels never leave your side. Due to existing in another realm and dimension, they are patient with their love. They’re also willing to become available and share their energy and time with whoever calls on them, in perfect timing. 

Sorry! You don’t become a guardian angel when you die

Secondly, we don’t become guardian angels when we die. Sorry. It’s a fantastic thought, but guardian angels and archangels are part of the highest order. They are directly connected to God and exist primarily on the highest and most evolved of planes. If our souls have chosen to evolve and master throughout lifetimes, we may become ascended masters in the next life. But even this is rare, and no human goes straight on becoming a guardian angel. Just a little fun fact! It’s good to set your sights on attainable heights.


Finally, the guardian angels can help you avoid physical dangers, so not just spiritual or emotional and psychological harm. If you imagine your aura, the human energy field surrounding and protecting you, you can understand this better. The aura ripples out in the ether around you. It consists of all thoughts, emotions, belief systems, memories, and so forth. Thus, if you are in physical danger of any kind- minor or major- your guardian angel picks up on this.

They sense it. No matter how close or far, including being far away on a distant plane and dimension, your guardian angel is connected to you through an invisible thread. It’s an extraordinary connection that should not be taken lightly. (Although they are very “light” and quite enjoy their job!)


Ways To Enhance Your Connection

If you’re asking how to know your guardian angel, seeking a deeper connection can help. Nature is always one of the best routes to increasing your spiritual vibration, therefore aligning yourself with heaven’s kingdom (and queendom). You can consult an angel calendar or guardian angel quiz online to gain more personal insight. You can, of course, discover this yourself- through more organic and less technological means. But I understand that sometimes human beings need a bit of external assistance.

Prayer, listening to the signs within and around, going to church or some other religious temple, speaking to spiritual family members, and even using the death of a loved one as a means to seek greater truth and connection can all be powerful routes. You should act on your feelings and sensations when looking for guardian angel contact. Always listen to your higher self, and make sure subtle impressions are coming from or with a connection to your heart-space.

If you’re still pondering whether guardian angels exist, meditate and pray. Give birth to the idea that there is more than the physical world, and many people throughout our human timeline have reported celestial contact and communication. Ask for a message, signs, or a voice to make themselves known. Be open to the spiritual grace and benevolence of the spirit realm while asking for an angel directly. Be open to hear, sense, see, and receive; ask questions, and call on your angel’s name.

This may sound simple, but your intention is so powerful in the eyes of the guardian angels. Daily life doesn’t have to be without magic or divine contact. Awakening and spiritual protection, and inspiration, are all around. But the key is to know that this emanates from within too. You just need to be open to receiving.

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