Who Is Archangel Raphael?

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Archangel Raphael is one of the seven archangels as depicted in the Book of Enoch. The other six are Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel. Joel is sometimes included in this list too.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing and divine grace. He is known as he who heals. He is referred to as he due to embodying a strong protective and masculine energy, but he also symbolizes compassion, empathy, non-judgment, grace, and acceptance. These are typically known as feminine qualities, and one important thing to know before exploring his energy further is that all of the Archangels are very close to God, the highest Spirit & Source, and therefore display balanced attributes. 


What is the Archangel Raphael known for? 

As the angel of healing, Raphael restores wholeness and harmony through his light. He can do this by helping you deal with blocks and imbalance on any of the planes- the emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual body. He assists with love, health, career, relationship, and other issues. Healing implies wholeness, so how he assists is vast. 

Let’s explore his healing gifts & energy further.

1. Past pain and trauma

Raphael’s healing powers include helping you overcome deep wounds and trauma. Trauma is often stored on a cellular level, and we’re often unconscious of it. Offering healing assistance on the subtle, astral, and soul planes naturally stimulates the emergence of memories forgotten. 

Raphael helps activate hidden and buried, or even totally forgotten, traumatic memories and painful experiences. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is power. Through enhanced self-awareness, a greater feeling, and the awakening of those painful moments in life we often wish to forget, this archangel acts as a powerful catalyst to your healing & growth. 

Trauma is closely tied into karma as well. Because when we let unhealed and unresolved wounds play out in our lives, we start to project on others. Our wounds become our primary driving force, making us lash out, act from insecurity and other toxic or “lower” traits, and pass on our trauma. This occurs through unconscious action. 

Thus, Raphael essentially sparks healing on multiple planes of consciousness. The conscious, unconscious, and subconscious minds are affected; in truth, they’re all interconnected, so when something is stimulated in one dimension, the others will be “activated.” By sending his powerful healing light and energy to you, certain memories, wounds, and repressed experiences move from darkness or unconsciousness to light or from the subconscious to the conscious mind. 

2. Heals spiritual issues

Spiritual healing is also offered, which restores wholeness. Raphael provides supreme, unconditional compassion, higher love, and sensitivity. He sees from the higher eye, the higher self, and the spiritual link that connects one to God. This allows the recipient of his healing intention to evolve and shift too. Forgiveness is connected to this healing power. 

As an Archangel, Raphael can assist you in practicing and implementing self-forgiveness and forgiveness for others. He reminds you, through his light, that there is a divine and spiritual essence, making us infinite beings with eternal souls. Seeing from this perspective or even understanding this truth will allow you to rise above the trivial and petty quarrels of the world.

Even bigger events that require forgiveness can be healed, with the pain and grudges or resentment transcended. By shifting your perspective to more meaningful and “bigger vision” aspects of self and life, Archangel Raphael acts as a catalyst to your recovery. He teaches that there is no use staying in regret, hatred, blame, guilt, or any other self-sabotaging emotions and frequencies.

Your energy is precious- your body is a channel, a conduit for emotions, frequencies, and wisdom to shine through; make the most of this life! This is his message. 

archangel-raphael -1

3. Helps with travel (short trips & longer travel)

Health, vitality, and positivity are included in his healing gifts. He assists with travel, both shorter trips like family outings, visiting old friends, and business trips – or holidays, and longer travel experiences. Cultural and educational activities can get a boost through his radiant light.

If you feel you need protection, for example, if you’re visiting a continent or country considered “third world,” or where crime rates are slightly higher; or if you’re simply traveling to a distant land… angel Raphael can help you.

He further parks optimism, positive self-talk, upbeat and excitable energy, and a grounded and peaceful enthusiasm, i.e., not being overconsumed with excitement and fire that you become uncentered. It’s important to stay balanced even when embarking on an adventure. Raphael brings light, and this implies wisdom too.

Don’t be reckless, impulsive, or yang & fiery to the point of becoming ungrounded. Accidents happen this way. Archangel Raphael assists with travel in a way that keeps you optimistic about the new sensations and experiences you are about to encounter and connect to your own inner power and alignment. 

4. He also assists healers, physicians, doctors, and herbalists

“God heals” is angel Raphael’s Hebrew name meaning. One of his special powers is the link he has to doctors, nurses, medical staff, physicians, practitioners of herbal medicine, and healers. He is the healer’s healer, one of the main archangels who is readily by a healing practitioner’s side to assist in their work. Compassion and light flow through him in abundance. He is openly and always available to share this wisdom and light for the good of others, and he lives to serve humanity.

You can call on Archangel Raphael to offer you an astral & ethereal helping hand with your own healing activities. This works for young people, old people, sick people, blind or audibly impaired people, and anyone in-between. Archangel Raphael is non-judgmental! His love is universal and unconditional and for all people.

5. Draws from the healing powers of nature 

As one of the guardian angels, he watches over nature and the animals & ecosystems that are a part of our earth. Raphael possesses a deep affinity with plants, animals, nature, and Mother Earth herself. He may be a masculine angel, but he is in tune with the feminine and ancient energies that flow through our world. (More on this in the final section!)

Who is Angel Raphael in the Bible?

Recognize Archangel Raphael as a holy rock and righteous man because he is! He is recognized by the Catholic church, Hebrew scriptures, the Bible, and today’s modern spiritual world. Even many Reiki healers and practitioners recognize the angels of God, and Reiki is a unique system in itself that is not connected to religion. It has its own lineage directly linked to the power of Spirit, source energy, the subtle quantum field, and the world of universal life force energy.

So, Raphael is clearly special. In the Bible, he is known to be holding a staff that is used to help pilgrims on their journeys (hence the link to travel). He is equally seen as being connected to fish, further using the energetic symbolism & power of fish (specifically the fish’s gall) to heal Tobit. The fish symbol links him to the water element, the subconscious mind, the vast consciousness, and sensitive, intuitive, and empathic-compassionate gifts.

Saint Raphael is also believed to be a saint of the blind. He helps sick people regain their sight, literally or metaphorically, in terms of “vision” and seeing through the veil of illusions. By sparking and achieving higher consciousness in others, he connects them to God’s divine will and the Holy Spirit. His feast day as a saint and agent of the Lord is celebrated on September 29th each year.

How Do I Pray To Archangel Raphael?

Like Archangel Michael, you can call on Archangel Raphael for protection. Angel Raphael brings incredibly protective energy and vibration into your life. He surrounds you with green light- the color associated with this holy angel is green, which is the color of the heart chakra and nature. 

Raphael works very closely with God; therefore, he draws his strength from God and the spiritual realms, so you, too, can draw strength from these planes through him. Ultimately, this makes prayer one of the fastest and most effective routes to connect with his divine power.

archangel-raphael -2

There is something known as Raphael’s Green Light invocation. This is a prayer tool or ritual where you use visualization, prayer, meditation, and a combination of intention setting (for connection) and faith in a higher power and in the angel Raphael. 

You may also start to see flashes of green light or feel a warm, comforting, or tingling sensation around your heart, even before creating the intentions for connection. This shows that Raphael is close by and may even be one of your personal angels. Everyone is said to have three angels that work closely with them, even if you’re unaware of their presence, although most people begin to feel their presence upon some sort of spiritual awakening.

1. Create an altar or sacred space

An altar or shrine, or any type of sacred space with symbolic items and images, is ideal for connecting with Raphael. Place items on your altar that help you feel an affinity with God. An image of Raphael himself would work wonders at raising your inner vibration to match your outer one.

Take note of the elements, too, i.e., how Raphael draws healing energy from nature. So you might want to include something for fire, air, earth, water, and ether or Spirit. 

2. The ‘Green Light’ Prayer

Visualizing green light emanating through and from your heart (or around it) is a powerful addition to your prayers. When setting your intention, speaking or thinking your mantras, and picturing Raphael surrounding you and your life with loving light energy, simultaneously use this technique. 

As a healing color, green symbolizes empathy, understanding, tolerance, higher wisdom perspectives, spirituality, kindness, self-love, universal love, and a connection to the earth. As it is linked to the Heart Chakra or energy center, the color stimulates a stronger connection between your lower self & higher self; or lower and higher consciousness. The heart chakra is a bridge between your human, earthly, & primal self and your divine, spiritual, and metaphysical self. 

Visualize an emerald green ray encompassing you. If you start to feel certain body parts tingling, or if you begin to see “visions” or flashes of imagery & insight, know that Raphael is with you. He is sending you signs and messages! Prayer is generally known for setting clear intentions; therefore, using this Green Light invocation alongside prayer will amplify the effects. Plus, give more force to the potential of connecting with him.

Ask to receive his grace and benevolence while knowing that feeling a resonance with him signifies that he is one of your personal angels, possibly the top three angels. He may have even been your silent helper & guide throughout your entire life!

Who Are The Seven Angels Of God?

The Book of Enoch mentions seven holy angels; Raphael, which we’ve just explored in detail, and then Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel. 

Michael: “One who is like God,” the archangel of protection and strength.

Gabriel: “Strength of God,” the archangel of visions & messages… 

Uriel: “God is my light,” the archangel of wisdom, illumination, and truth. 

Saraqael: “Command of God,” the archangel of eternity and the soul.

Raguel: “Friend of God,” the archangel of divine justice, harmony, and balance. 

Remiel: “Mercy of God,” the archangel of forgiveness and hope.

You can call on any of these holy angels to work with you alongside Raphael!

What Does Raphael The Archangel Do? 

Archangel Raphael is an angel of inspiration and higher guidance. He heals sick people, helps with travel, connects you to the essence and powers of nature, speeds up holistic well-being and recovery, and assists with a number of blocks, wounds, and buried issues, all as described above.

He also shields you when you are recovering and says you’re going through an illness or emotional, spiritual, or psychological problem; angel Raphael will lovingly assist you and be your subtle (but powerful) guide. Further, he works closely with the angelics, archangels, and heavenly realms. This means dreams, spirituality, and soul themes get a boost when in communication with him.

You may find yourself having more subconscious insights and memories of periods or chapters where you were in harmony with your Higher Self. Angel Raphael illuminates while making aware things from your past that may be holding you back from your true path, life’s purpose, and soul plan. Or your mission and ideal, bright, and best future. And, his compassion ripples out into your life as well, increasing all the positive qualities of the heart explained.

How Do You Connect With Raphael?

In addition to altars, prayers, sacred space, and using the Emerald Green Light invocation for a deeper connection, reconnect with nature. Harmonizing your energy to that of the natural world is one of the fastest ways to feel Raphael’s loving protection and healing force. Healing is restoring wholeness and harmony, and our planet is the closest thing to perfect health we have!

The earth is designed to create and maintain homeostasis. The principles of balance and perfection, unity consciousness, and interconnectedness and inherent within the planet’s biofield (energy field). There is actually no greater example of “harmony” or “self-sustaining equilibrium” than planet earth. It is a living and conscious entity.

So, spend time with the fairies, elementals, and Gaia, guardians of nature. You don’t actually have to believe in fairies or magical creatures to receive their healing magic. But celestial and ethereal frequencies are very strong in the great outdoors, and they help to raise your vibration and inner light to form a sacred bond with the archangel realm. And nature herself expands the invisible cord harmonizing you to angel Raphael’s healing light.

Seek out an oak grove or other large ancient-looking/feeling tree, and if Raphael is not present for you in the moment, the other archangels may be present to assist you divinely. Finally, the Spirit of Christ, Jesus, and other angels shine through when basking in the radiance of God’s gift; nature.

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