7 Signs Archangel Michael Could Be Your Personal Healer


Archangel Michael

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St Michael the Archangel is probably one of the most powerful archangel names mentioned in the Bible. He’s the leader of God’s army, he is above all the other archangels in rank. He is known for fighting Lucifer and the rebel angels and take them down to hell, so he defends the gates of heaven, and will have a very important role when the apocalypse takes place at the end of the times on the final battle (see how Archangel Michael can protect you against Archons, evil entities that feed from your aura’s energy).

He has a big and powerful sword and divine armor (sometimes confused with Uriel because of this), that’s why he is associated as the warrior archangel and is invoked for protection, especially from lethal enemies.

Connecting with archangels requires hard work in praying, meditation, and coaching unlike Archangel Jophiel who is closer to humans during the full moon and there are rituals to connect with her.

It is not an easy task, and some techniques and practices are required to establish supernatural contact with these beautiful entities, however, according to some characteristics of your personality, it would be easier or harder to connect with certain archangels.

Here are 7 signs that indicate Michael could be your healer:


1. Strong Convictions As St Michael The Archangel


St Michael the Archangel is very strict when talking about convictions. His warrior nature is one of his most important characteristics. His honor and morals are the most important things. How do you react when someone questions your morals or your convictions? How do you react against temptation? Do you discern right from wrong?

2. You Defend Others Against Injustice


When someone is being outraged or is being a victim of an injustice, do you just go away because it does not have to do anything with you? Do you keep silent or speak up and act to defend your brother? St. Michael the Archangel is known for serving as a protector, so that’s why people who have this characteristic are more probable to connect with him. Many times, people with this characteristic are used by him to protect others and materialize.

3. Persistence


Are you a persistent person? Are you one of those who never surrender until a goal is achieved? This is key to have feelings with St Michael the Archangel.

4. St Michael The Archangel Dominant Behavior


If you’re a person who likes to control instead of being controlled, you probably have a feeling with St. Michael the Archangel as one of the top archangels in heaven. He could connect easier with dominant people, as authority is one of the most important things a warrior needs to lead armies.

5. St Michael The Archangel Warrior Intellect, Hard To Remind Things


Bad memory is one of the most common characteristics of instinct personalities. Emotions drive most of the warrior minds. This is why if you’re an emotional person who acts without thinking about the future, or if you have a bad memory, you could probably have this characteristic of warrior intellect, and have more probabilities of connecting with St Michael the Archangel. By the way, there’s an archangel who can help you increase your intellect as well – meet Archangel Zadkiel.

6. You Are A Perfectionist


Are you one of those who work and deliver results in a perfectionist manner? Are you the best at your work? Are you the best at cooking? The best in playing football or maybe you’re the best student? Well, this characteristic also increases your chances to connect with St Michael the Archangel.

7. You Like To Face Enemies Or Defeat Your Fears


Do you have an enemy and prefer to face him instead of just keep him out? Do you fear heights but you make bungee jumping? Are you conservative but often take risks to defeat your fears to lose? Well, this kind of personality is one of the most alike to St Michael the Archangel, and it will be easier to connect with him.

If you do not have this kind of personality characteristics, don’t worry, other archangels can connect to you and bring and attract a bunch of more blessings and abundance to your life, like Archangel Raguel and Archangel Barachiel. Also in a more specific way, Archangel Chamuel can help you with your love relationships. All the archangels serve different purposes.

St Michael The Archangel Prayer

If you think your personality matches with St Michael the Archangel, then you can proceed to invoke him or connect with him during your prayers and meditation sessions. Normally connecting with St Michael the Archangel is not easy and requires high levels of energy and enlightenment, however, the more your personality matches with him the easier it will be to connect. And by “easier” we mean a simple prayer during your meditation sessions will be enough to call upon his presence.

One of the first symptoms of St Michael the Archangel’s presence is a hot sensation in your head and hands, also your legs or hands may tremble a little bit. If any of these symptoms occur to you, it means you have synchronized your spiritual energy vibrations with him, which happens easier and faster when you match the personality characteristics we have already explained in this reading. Now, to establish a connection with this powerful archangel, we recommend you to pray the following way:

St Michael the Archangel please encompass me in your light of security consistently. Be next to me and guide my words and activities to originate from a position of adoration. If it’s not too much trouble, clear my vitality and vibration totally of negative musings and convictions, discharging fears and self-restricting convictions. Help me to completely and totally experience love, light, and bliss that is available in each second and guide my way for my most elevated and most noteworthy greatness. Please surround me with your aura to protect me from [Mention your spiritual or physical enemies or situations where you want the protection of St Michael The Archangel]. I humbly pray; Oh Prince of the heaven thrones, patron of God’s army. Amen.

Do not expect to get results the first time or the few times you recite this prayer. You need to start your spiritual habits and start to meditate and raise your spiritual level, so you can start to synchronize your aura and your soul into higher realms of consciousness.

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