An Easy Guide To Numerology

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Numerology is a fascinating journey of exploration of yourself and others.

By simply knowing someone’s birthday and name, you can convert them into a number that will teach you a lot about their path in life.

But what do these numbers mean? There’s a deeper meaning to any number and letter. Numerology can help you make sense of many things regarding yourself, your relationships, your career, your talents, and even your higher calling.

We will focus on what numerology means, its purpose, and the basics. Then we’ll discuss the five main numerology numbers in your chart and how you can calculate them yourself.

Angel numbers can play a major role in your life path. We’ll briefly touch on what they are and how they can help you live your best life.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with five interesting facts you may not know about numerology.


What Does Numerology Mean?

Numerology is a way to interpret numbers and letters. Each number is considered to have a specific frequency or vibration. That number can tell you a lot about a person, place, or event it’s connected to.

They can be the numbers of your birthday and the letters in your name. But you can also use the same method to interpret historical events, specific addresses, and anything that involves numbers and/or letters.

Though the name in itself hasn’t always been around, the idea behind numerology has been present since ancient times. A few numerology systems have been used throughout time in various regions worldwide.

The Pythagorean system is based on the work of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. There’s also a Chaldean system based on Chaldean numerology or Vedic numerology. Then there’s the Gematria system, based on the Hebrew alphabet.

What Is The Purpose Of Numerology?

The purpose of numerology is to help you understand things on a deeper and more spiritual level.

Each number is considered to have mystical properties. By being aware of the unique vibration of each number, you can harness its power. A numerological analysis of your birthday numbers can help you achieve your desired goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

The numerical value behind your birthday won’t tell you how likely it is for you to practice creative arts, for instance. But if your life path number and destiny number combine to tell you that you’re meant to transform the world, then your foray into creative arts could be not a hobby but a calling.

In other words, numerology isn’t going to tell you what you can’t do. But it will emphasize what you’re most likely to do successfully. It will bring to light what you’re likely to be called to do as part of your life path.

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The Basics Of Numerology

In order to try your hand at a numerology reading or interpretation of something, you need to have a date and/or name to look at.

To do a numerology analysis on yourself, you’ll need your birthday and your full name. You’ll also need a pen and paper.

How Do You Do Numerology Reading?

Birthday Numerology Analysis

In order to do a numerology reading, you’ll calculate a final number based on that person’s birth date and name. Words can be reduced to numbers as well. Fun, right? It helps if you really enjoyed math since we’re going to do a lot of adding.

The basic rule of numerology is that when you analyze a number, you reduce it until it has a single digit. That means you add the digits in that number until the results are single-digit numbers of 1-9.

The only double-digit numbers that aren’t reduced to a single-digit number are the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 since they have separate meanings of their own. Any other double-digit numbers will be reduced.

Your birthday date says a lot about you. You can get the overall message of the date by reducing it. That means that if you were born between the 1st and the 9th day of the month, the actual date is the final result. But if you were born from the 10th to the 31st day of the month (depending on the month), you reduce that date by adding the digits.

For example, if you were born on the 15th, you reduce the date by adding 1+5=6.

For instance, the reduced month of your birthday is 9 if you were born in September. That’s because September is the 9th month of the year, and 9 is a single digit. But if you were born in October, which is the 10th month of the year, your reduced month number is 1+0=1.

Reducing your birth year is a similar process. If you were born in 1995, you would reduce your birth year by adding 1+9+9+5, which is 24. But 24 isn’t a master number, so you reduce it again to 2+4=6. The final result is your birth year reduces to 6.

Example: Say you were born on September (9th month of the year), 15, 1995. You reduce your day, month, and year and get 9, 1+5=6, and 1+9+9+5=24 which reduces to 2+4=6. Finally, you add up 9+6+6=21, which reduces to 2+1=3. The life path number for this birthday is 3, and we’ll talk about what that means a bit later.

You will get the same final result if you add up all of the digits in your full birthday because 9+1+5+1+9+9+5=39, which reduces to 3+9=12, which reduces to 1+2=3. The reason why it’s done in phases is that it’s important to know if, by reducing the date, month, and year separately, you get any master numbers (11, 22, or 33). We’ll talk about them separately, but it’s very relevant to know if you have their vibration present in your final number.

Name Numerology Analysis

The name you’ll need for this one is the one written on that person’s birth certificate. Even if that person changed their name at some point in their life, that’s because their path, childhood, and a significant chunk of their life journey are marked by their birth-given name.

The system by which you reduce names to digits is simple. Each letter in the alphabet is associated with a number:

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

When analyzing a name, you take a similar approach to a birthday. You reduce the first, middle, and last names. Then you combine those numbers.

Example: Anna Mae Hays. We replace each letter with its respective digit, and we get:

Anna – 1,5,5,1 : 1+5+5+1=12, which reduces to 1+2=3

Mae – 4,1,5 : 4+1+5=10, which reduces to 1+0=1

Hays – 8,1,7,1 : 8+1+7+1=17, which reduces to 1+7=8.

So the final number is 3+1+8=12, which reduces to 1+2=3. The destiny number for this person is 3. We’ll talk about what that means a bit later.

We didn’t get a master number in either of these two examples. Let’s see why they are relevant when they do show up.

What Are Master Numbers?

Master numbers suggest there’s a deeper meaning to a person’s life. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers.

When one of these master numbers shows up as part of the analysis of a name or date, it says something about that person, place, or event. There’s a higher calling and path in this world connected to them.

Without going into too much detail here, their meanings are:

  • master number 11 – master learner
  • master number 22 – master builder (or master manifestor)
  • master number 33 – master teacher
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What Does A Numerologist Do?

A numerologist is a person well-versed in the meanings of numbers. They will use your birth date and name to calculate the significant numbers in your numerology chart.

That will give you a lot of information about your personality, skills, life lessons you’re likely to have to learn, your overall path, and how you can make the best of your life’s journey.

Don’t confuse the meaning of a numerology reading with an astrology reading. Astrology uses your birthday as well but through a very different method. You can grasp an even deeper meaning of it all by getting your numerology and astrology charts. But they’re entirely different practices.

What Does A Numerology Reading Tell You?

Words and digits are very important in our daily lives. Numerology readings take a look at those words and digits to help us interpret their deeper meaning.

When you get numerology readings for yourself, you or the numerologist will look into your path in life.

These readings offer information about the role you’re meant to play in the world by analyzing the root numbers or the main numerology numbers involved in your chart.

But there’s something a numerologist can do that you can’t unless you’re one yourself. That is bringing to the table the experience of all the charts they’ve analyzed.

A numerologist can help you devise a plan for how you can live your best life using all of the numbers and their meanings.

How Do I Figure Out My Numerology Chart?

In order to figure out your numerology chart, be it by yourself or with the help of a numerologist, you need your full birthday and name. Then you’ll analyze and reduce them in order to get the main significant numbers. We’ll talk about them in a minute.

When you try your hand at numerology, Follow the methods carefully and do your research first. You can use the system we provided above. But you’ll also need a handy guide on what each number talks about.

You can choose to use different methods. But whether you go about it differently or the same way we do, you’ll end up focusing on the same main or root numbers.

The 5 Main Numbers In Numerology

If you’re putting together your numerology chart, there are five main or root numerology numbers you should analyze. These are the five relevant numbers in numerology: life path number, destiny number, personality number, soul urge number, and power number.

Let’s talk about what each of them means and how you calculate it for yourself.

What Is Your Life Path Number In Numerology?

Your life path number talks about what you’re meant to do as part of your life purpose.

This numerology number takes your full birthday and reduces each date (day, month, year) to a single or two digits number (if it’s a master number 11, 22, or 33). Then it adds them up to get your final life path number.

We’ve talked in previous posts about what each life path number means.

What Is Your Destiny Number In Numerology?

Destiny numbers in numerology talk about how you’ll make your way towards fulfilling your life purpose.

There’s a mathematical association between letters and numbers. You replace each letter with the number associated with it. Then you reduce each name separately and combine those results for your final number.

We shared the system above when we analyzed the name, Anna Mae Hays.

What Is Your Personality Number In Numerology?

Your personality number talks about what you’re comfortable sharing with the world about yourself. It’s how others see and perceive you. It’s also an expression of what social or professional paths will fulfill you.

In numerology, personality numbers result from analyzing the consonants in your full name. For our Anna Mae Hays example, the consonants are: N, N, M, and S. Replacing each with their numeric value using the system above, we get 5, 5, 4, 1. It’s 5+5+4+1=15, which reduces to 1+5=6. So Anna Mae Hays’s personality number is 6.

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What Is Your Heart Desire Number Or Soul Urge Number In Numerology?

Your soul urge number in numerology talks about your true inner self. It’s the essence of who you are at heart. It’s also an expression of what is going to fulfill you emotionally.

You get your soul urge number by analyzing the vowels in your full name. For our Anna Mae Hays example, the vowels are A, A, A, E, A, Y. Replacing each with their numeric value using the system above, and we get 1, 1, 1, 5, 1, 7. It’s 1+1+1+5+1+7=16, which reduces to 1+6=7. So Anna Mae Hays’s soul number is 7.

What Is Your Power Number Or Soul Purpose Number In Numerology?

Your life path number and destiny number combine into this final number.

Your power number takes an overall look at your life and role in the world by analyzing your entire name and birth date meaning. It factors in your personality vibration, soul urge vibration, and the meaning of your destiny number.

For our example of Anna Mae Hays, born on September 15, 1995, it’s her life path number 3 plus her destiny number 3, which equals 6. It’s an interesting case where her personality number and her power number coincide, but it’s not necessarily always the case.

Angel Numbers And Your Numerology Chart

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numerical patterns that seem to keep coming up in your world. You’ll see these repeating numbers and/or their digits in different situations in your everyday life: when looking at the clock, license plates, phone numbers, price tags, and so on.

These repeating instances of seeing these numbers are called synchronicities. They are a way for your guardian angels to send you messages about major life lessons coming your way, what lies ahead on your own path or your life’s greater purpose.

They could show up to highlight your lucky numbers or point out a great opportunity coming your way. Or they could signal a time to be cautious for some reason.

You might see the same angel number on multiple occasions throughout your life. But a particular repeating number can also show up as the only time to deliver a specific message.

We’ve talked more about angel numbers and numerology compatibility previously.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean For Your Numerology Chart?

Angel numbers can show up as a single number or as multiples. You might see 111 only or see 4444 and 2020 repeating at the same time.

If one of your root numerology numbers is 1, 4, or 2, then seeing angel numbers that feature it sends you a powerful message. If your life path number is 8 and you feel it’s your lucky number, then seeing it, again and again, is surely a sign of good news.

If your soul urge number is 5 and you see 55 or 555 repeatedly, you’re likely to embark on a very fulfilling (or trying!) time emotionally. Interpreting the meaning of the angel numbers has a lot to do with the details of that number, your numerology chart, and the context you’re seeing them in.

You can combine the numerological meaning of the angel number you’re seeing with your numerology and astrology chart. That way, you’ll gain even deeper insight into the meaning of that specific angel number showing up at that particular time.

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The 5 Interesting Facts About Numerology

  • Numerology analyzes the numbers in your birthday, but also the letters in your birth-given name.
  • It’s been used ever since ancient times by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Japanese, and Chinese, though not under the name of “numerology.”
  • Dr. Julia Seton, a master numerologist, was actually the person who came up with the term “numerology” in 1907.
  • Numerology takes an entirely separate approach to your birth date than astrology. But you can enrich your understanding of one chart by analyzing the other and vice versa.
  • Your birth-given name plays a major role in your numerology chart. Changing it will add new nuances to your chart, but it won’t change the relevance of your birth-given name since you’ve lived with it for a very long time by that point.

Embrace The Power Of Numerology!

Numerology helps you understand the meaning of all the numbers of your birthday and the letters in your name. You can learn a lot from your numerology chart.

Most people can use some deeper insight into their path. Numerology can help you make the most of opportunities coming your way. It can also help you overcome challenges and learn lessons faster, more efficiently, and less difficultly.

Numerology readings are not an Encyclopedia-Britannica-style explanation of why and how things happen. But they can offer you guidance and support, so you best navigate your life journey and lead your best possible life!

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