Angel Number 88 – Wealth And Success

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Okay, so you’ve seen the number 88 too many times now, and you’re starting to get curious.

You might be looking at a clock and seeing the same numbers. Or maybe receipts, license plates, timestamps, battery percentages, etc.

Wherever it may be, it feels like it’s following you!

Well, what does this mean? Should you do anything? What’s next?

You’ve come to the right place. Because yes, you absolutely should do something.

The first of which is recognizing the angel number you have seen.

Please do not mistake this incident for some peculiar coincidence because it’s not.

Instead, it could actually mean that you’re seeing an angel number: divine repeating numbers sent from the higher realm to guide us, humans, down on earth.

Angel numbers are sent to people many times throughout their lives.

However, most of them don’t even recognize it, let alone understand it.

Don’t let that be you!

Angel numbers have a very specific purpose and are shown to you for important reasons.

This can be to warn, protect, support, congratulate or advise you through your current situation.

With such divine guidance available, paying attention to an angel number when you see one is crucial.

So, keep reading to understand what your guardian angels are trying to tell you about angel number 88.



Why Am I Seeing Angel Number 88?

Congratulations! You have been sent an angel number.

First and foremost, this is something to celebrate.

The Universe has noticed you and has decided to send you a special message to help guide you.

This is a great blessing, and you should express gratitude for this divine guidance.

Signifying hard work, success, faith, intuition, and new starts, 88 is a positive sign to see.

Your guardian angels are likely showing this to you as a form of support and encouragement.

So, make sure to pay attention to its possible meanings and apply them to your life.


Angel Number 88 Symbolism

Angel number 88 is a symbol of many wonderful things.

These are ambition, success, material wealth, intelligence, stability, and progress.

It also symbolizes inner wisdom, intuition, balance, power, patience, and spirituality.

Angelic number 88 is a joyous sign of effort and the rewards that follow.

This number represents the much-deserved fruit of one’s tiresome labor.

Angel number 88 indicates that your hard work may very soon bring profit.

All you have to do is continue your dedication and diligence like before.

Remember to thank the Universe and await the benefits of your hard work.


Is Angel Number 88 A Lucky Number?

Yes! Angel number 88 is an incredibly lucky number and is a blessing for those who see it.

As the number 8 is already considered prosperous, 88 only carries amplified energy of this wealth and success.

So, angel number 88 is naturally connected to abundance, affluence, and achievements.

When looked at sideways, it can be seen why the number 8 represents infinity.

This meaning of abundance and plentifulness is considered to be very lucky.

This can also refer to endless love, infinite spiritual growth, and more.

In Chinese culture, the number 88 is said to be greatly lucky and fortunate.

This is because 8 sounds like the word fā (發) in Mandarin or faat in Cantonese, this indicates wealth.

Hence, the number 8 is commonly seen in China as a good luck symbol and a good omen.


Angel Number 88 In The Bible

Angel number 88 doubles the meaning of the number 8, which is very special.

The number 8 refers to newness, creation, rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life.

Biblically, 8 is connected to new beginnings as Jesus rose on the 8th day.

Eight people in total were saved on the ark by God to continue the human race.

Also, in Greek, the letters of “Jesus” add up to 888.

In the bible, boys are circumcised on the eighth day of a month.

Elijah performed 8 miracles, while Elisha performed 8+8, making it double.

Abraham had eight sons: Ishmael, Isaac, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah.

Angel number 8 has many biblical meanings, mainly related to new beginnings.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Money

One important meaning of angel number 88 is connected to one’s money and financial situation.

Have you been working extra hard to maintain financial stability?

Divine number 88 is here to notify you that good times are fast approaching.

Your guardian angels have watched you closely and noticed your tireless efforts.

They see your diligence and want you to know that all your hard work will pay off.

Keep giving it your all, and you can soon expect financial abundance to enter your life.

Long gone will be the days of constant stress, money problems, and financial worries.

It is highly likely that you will break free from these struggles and experience monetary freedom.

This financial abundance could come to you in the form of many new opportunities.

So, keep an eye out for open doors and do not hesitate to give them a try. They could be your doorway to financial success.

Angel number 88 also has some guidance for you regarding your money.

You are being reminded to treat your current financial situation with caution and care.

Continue your carefulness, be smart in your spending, and do not waste your money.

This will help you maintain your current financial stability, as well as help you with your future financial success.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Love

Depending on your current situation, angel number 88 has various meanings for love and one’s romantic life.

For those of you who are currently single, mystic number 88 brings a ray of hope.

Chances are high that you will soon meet a new romantic flame.

You can expect to encounter a new person in your life that could even lead to a relationship.

This person will likely be positive and fulfilling.

Do not feel anxious even if you have recently ended a previous relationship.

Your relationships will be beneficial, and you will experience great joy.

For those in a toxic, complicated, or even abusive relationship, the number 88 is bittersweet.

It signifies the approaching end of a relationship, especially a toxic one.

Perhaps you have been finding it hard to be able to walk away for good.

This is where angel number 88 comes in.

It serves as a reminder and encouragement to finally end this bad relationship.

Your angels want the best for you, and wherever love takes you, it will be for your own good.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Spirituality

Angel number 88 is a magical and warming number.

Highly connected with the spiritual realm, it carries great spiritual energy.

As we have read above, the divine number 88 is related to angelic support, abundance, and success.

You are a person of many blessings and great love from the higher realm.

The higher forces are supporting you, and they have your best in mind.

You must appreciate your connection with the Universe and treasure it greatly.

Embrace your spirituality and work hard on growing and getting closer to it.

This advice applies to you whether you are new or experienced in your spiritual journey.

Trying out meditation and other mindfulness activities will greatly help you with this.

Do not walk away if someone sparks up a religious or spiritual conversation with you.

Engaging and exposing yourself to spiritual communities and ventures are encouraged.

Entrust your fate in the hands of the Universe and keep faith that all will be good.

This faith and trust of yours are what will lead you to success physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Twin Flames

Angel number 88 is very important for one’s twin flame relationship.

So, what exactly is divine number 88 telling you about your twin flame journey?

If you have already met your twin flame but are experiencing troubles, do not fret.

Divine number 88 tells you not to lose hope or give up on this connection.

Hold on through all the ups and downs and push through to make it to the other side.

You must keep faith in your bond even if there is turbulence and hopelessness.

Remember that the end of this complicated time is fruitful and full of contentment.

For those who have been separated from your twin flame, angelic number 88 brings great joy.

This number indicates that there are high chances of experiencing a twin flame reunion.

Although it may seem far away, your angels want you to know that it’s closer than you think.

You and your twin flame may meet again soon, this time with more growth and maturation than before.

You will be happier and more spiritually aware, having more to give each other.

Whatever the situation, remember to believe in the Universe and follow your intuition; you will be led to goodness.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Health

Angel number 88 is a call to action.

It is a sign that you need to be proactive and start taking care of yourself.

Take your health and well-being more seriously and adopt habits to achieve this.

Trying to eat healthier and sleep better is a massive way to improve your health.

However, your mental health is just as important.

Connect with the Universe and surround yourself with good energy.

You must rid yourself of all exposure to negativity, both internal and external.

Do not feel scared of cutting off people who bring toxicity or negative energy into your life.

Along with this, you must work to reduce your negative thoughts and negative emotions.

This is because negative thoughts are just that, thoughts.

You should not let your real life be impacted by bad energy in your mind.

Instead, encircling yourself with positive thoughts and maintaining a positive attitude will greatly help you.

We understand this can be hard to do, so take angel number 88 as the encouragement you need.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Family

Angel number 88 suggests that a new family member may soon be introduced into your life.

This could mean someone new in your family circle or even a new baby.

Also, if you have been contemplating marriage, 88 encourages this idea.

In such a case, you should remember to both communicate with each other.

Expressing your emotions and acknowledging the other person’s feelings is crucial.

You must also know how to manage your finances to remain stress-free successfully.

Angelic number 88 is also an encouragement if you’re considering starting a family.

This could be a good time to do so.

If all else is well and supports this event, feel free to journey towards parenthood.


Angel Number 88 In Terms Of Social Life

Similar to family, angel number 88 can also hint at new people joining your social circle.

Even if your past friendships have been a bit rocky, you should not worry.

The number 88 indicates that you will soon see increased stability in your social life.

Also, you should not doubt those around you too much.

Whether it be friends, family, or someone else, you should stop always questioning everyone.

You need to learn that not everyone is out to sabotage you or influence you in some way.

Instead, it would help if you tried to understand and identify the good people around you.

Cutting off toxic and negative energy as well as people is incredibly important and beneficial.

Angel number 88 is advising you to welcome positivity and leave negativity.


Seeing Number 88 In Dreams

This angel number has a lot to offer, and you would be considered blessed if sent it.

However, what could angel number 88 mean when you see it in a dream?

Good question!

Luckily, this meaning mainly relates to luck, success, and freedom.

Seeing the angelic number 88 in a dream could mean that the divine forces are calling you to action.

They want you to recognize your life path and strive to do things to accomplish it.

You can expect to receive the rewards you deserve if you put in the work.

Remember to thank the Universe and express your gratitude to them as well.

Keep up your great efforts, and you will be met with countless blessings.


Angel Number 88 by Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue provides insightful messages about what the divine number 88 could mean.

But first, who is Doreen Virtue?

For those who don’t know, Doreen Virtue is a prominent figure in spiritual communities, especially those oriented towards Christianity.

Doreen Virtue is an acclaimed psychic and motivational speaker with degrees in counseling psychology and countless best-selling books.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a highly respected figure in the angel number and numerology community.

So, what does she have to say about angel number 88?

Doreen Virtue believes that the angelic number 88 gives you a specific piece of guidance.

You are being advised on what to do and how to live your life in order to fulfill your life purpose.

You are being guided on your life journey and must follow the instructions of your guardian angels.

This does not necessarily mean that you are living wrong; absolutely not.

Instead, it means that there are little changes here and there that could be beneficial if added.


88 Fun Facts

In mathematics, 88 uniquely represents a sum of three squares.

This is: 88 = 42+62+62. 88 = 3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13.

88 is also divisible by 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 22, 44, and 88.

The number 88 is an even number and is also the sixth number that stays the same number when written upside down.

In science, 88 is also the atomic number of Radium.



As we now know, angel number 88 is a number of wealth, achievements, and growth.

This number is nothing short of good luck and hints at positive outcomes.

Divine number 88 is a sign from the Universe that you will experience financial freedom and rewards for your relentless efforts.

Seeing the number 88 also indicates newness and fresh beginnings.

This is also a great time for manifesting whatever your heart desires.

All in all, angel number 88 is one of the most fortunate numbers one can see.

You should feel honored and appreciative for this heavenly blessing given to you.

Do not forget to thank the Universe for this bundle of positivity!

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