Top 10 Angel Numbers For Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderfully special, magically beautiful, and yet incredibly overwhelming experience.

Nine months of ups and downs filled with chaos and love call for much-needed support.

Stresses and anxieties are a given in any part of life, but they only amplify when pregnancy comes into the picture.

When will I fall pregnant? How will labor go? Will my baby be okay? Why is this so stressful? What do I need to know? Many women tend to have several questions about their pregnancy.

Questions about life, questions about love, questions about health — Just so many questions!

This is perfectly normal. In fact, did you know that you can get some sort of guidance on this?

Yes, you absolutely can! This can happen thanks to angel numbers — repeating numbers that are seen so often that it’s no longer a coincidence.



Pregnancy Angel Numbers

Angel numbers convey many messages about one’s past, present, and future. They can help guide you on your life’s path and support you through difficult times.

Your guardian angels can use angel numbers to send you signs on all different aspects of life.

Whether it be your career, love life, finances, family, children, spirituality, or something else, your angels are sending you signs that may impact one of these areas.

Angel numbers can help you know what the Universe wants to tell you. This can be about any part of your life, including pregnancy.

So, we compiled a list of pregnancy angel numbers, in no specific order, to help you gain some clarity.

Keep reading on to see what spiritual meaning these repeating numbers are trying to send you!

Top 10 Angel Numbers For Pregnancy


1. Angel Number 333

Angel number 333 is considered to be a symbol of life, birth, re-birth, and resurrection. This makes it one of the luckiest numbers for pregnancy and giving birth.

In the bible, the number 3 also has great significance regarding life and the sustenance of it.

Firstly, Jesus came back to life three days after he died on the cross.

Along with this, on the 3rd day of creation, God created dry land, sea, plants, trees, vegetation, and fruit. All of these are elements that support and sustain human life.

So, for those who are trying to conceive, the divine number 333 is a lucky indication of new life and birth. As 333 also symbolizes answered prayers, this is a good sign that your prayers of conceiving have been heard and answered, and the emergence of a new baby is soon to come.

If you are already pregnant, 333 gives positive assurance that you are about to bring new life into the world.

333 can also appear when a child has already been born. Here, it is a sign from your angels that your baby is protected, supported, and loved greatly by the divine forces.

While angel number 333 has a lot of good news for mothers, it can also be sent to others!

Yes, fathers and even close friends and family can also see angel number 333 as a symbol of the new life about to enter their lives!

2. Angel Number 1

Angel number 1 is one of the luckiest angel numbers when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

Filled with luck, fortune, and spiritual energy, the number 1 means nothing but positivity.

It is also considered to be a simple and straightforward sign of upcoming pregnancy and new life.

In numerology, the number 1 represents a new beginning, new phase, and new start.

It often signifies that change and something new is about to take place, whether it be in the workplace, family, love, spirituality, or any other aspect of life.

This could manifest as a new job, new relationship, or even a new baby!

Due to this, divine number 1 is considered to indicate new life and, thus, a new child.

It is a wonderful number to see if you are praying to conceive and wish for a baby!

Angel number 1 can also be seen by those who are about to experience pregnancy and motherhood for the first-ever time in their lives.

Here, it can be sent as a sign of assurance and support from your angels to help you through this new and anxious phase of your life.

All around, angel number 1 is a powerful number that can clearly signify upcoming pregnancy, birth, and babies!


3. Angel Number 911

Out of all the angel numbers, 911 is not as unique and has a commonly negative reputation.

However, it has a whole other meaning when it comes to numerology and can be a very good sign.

Angel number 911 is a heavy indication that a new chapter in your life is approaching.

You and those around you who will also undergo this change may face many new turns and twists, but in the end, it will all be for your own good, and you will reap great rewards.

Often seeing this number signifies that new life is making its way to you.

This is a very lucky indication for those who have been wishing to conceive.

Since 9 and 1 can be seen as contradicting numbers, 911 can give us a unique message.

The number 9 represents a certain aspect or chapter of one’s life coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the number 1 symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings.

Due to this, 911 could be telling you that in order to start a new phase of your life, you must end one part of it.

This can be especially important in terms of pregnancy. Is there something you should adjust in your current circumstances in order to take care of and raise a baby?

Maybe you should think over this and understand how it may apply to your life situation.

4. Angel Number 1010

Angel number 1010 is one of those numbers that hold great power in terms of spirituality.

As we have read above, the number 1 signifies new things and events.

On the other hand, the number 0 represents spirituality, higher powers, and the divine realm.

When these two numbers are put together, angel number 1010 provides us with a big, bold message of intuitional awareness and spiritual awakening.

It is a sign that you are being sent great messages from the higher realm. So, pay attention and use your abilities to understand what these messages mean to you.

Now, let’s explore the meaning of angel number 1010 in terms of pregnancy.

We have already discussed how numbers 1 and 0 represent newness emerging from spiritual sources.

Thus, the divine number 1010 can be a great sign of a new baby coming into the world and your life.

If you have been worried about fertility, your guardian angel wants you to know that your prayers have been answered and that you will conceive soon.

Furthermore, seeing the number 1010 when you are pregnant can be a wonderful sign regarding your new child.

It can be a message from the divine realm that the baby you are carrying is not only special and unique but also highly blessed and gifted.

So, seeing angel number 1010 is something to celebrate, no matter your current anxieties or concerns!


5. Angel Number 777

Like the number 7, angel number 777 is also said to carry immensely powerful and lucky energy.

With the power of 7 boosted by three, this number holds special guidance and meaning.

777 angel number means strength, luck, wholeness, and spirituality, making it one of the most fortunate and celebratory angel numbers to see.

If you’ve been having questions or concerns about pregnancy, seeing divine number 777 often could be the answer you are looking for.

777 holds great spiritual energy and could be a message that new energy is about to enter your life.

In terms of pregnancy, this could mean that the new soul in your life will come in the form of a new baby.

So, if your intuition is longing for parenthood, the number 777 is a brilliant sign for you!

However, if you have been overthinking pregnancy and feeling anxious or unsure, this is a reminder that you must get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings.

Angel Number 777 assures you that nothing will happen yet if you are not ready for it.

Pregnancy will come your way when it is the most appropriate time to fill your life with joy and fulfillment!

6. Angel Number 222

Angel number 222 is filled with positive energy and assurance and is a beautiful sign of pregnancy.

If you have doubts or worries about conceiving and birth, angel number 222 is here to remind you that overthinking will get you nowhere.

You need to remove all negativity from your mind and negative energy from your surroundings.

Keep your faith and trust strong that the Universe will guide you in the right direction.

Angel number 222 is a comforting sign that good things are coming your way, no matter what you may think.

When it comes to pregnancy, number 222 indicates that if you are expecting, you and your new baby will have many blessings from the higher realm.

Angel number 222 can also be a form of support and guidance from your angels and is a reminder that they have your back every step of the way.

Any concerns or stress related to your pregnancy should be left behind. Angel number 222 is advising you to keep calm and trust that all will go well with you and your new baby.

Just sit back, relax, and fill your mind with positive thoughts!


7. Angel Number 515

While 515 is not one of the most common angel numbers, it still carries great spiritual meaning.

Angel number 515 is heavily symbolic of new opportunities and major changes.

It can also be a message that positive change is about to enter your life.

Through angel number 515, you are being advised to keep your mind full of positive energy and positive thoughts.

Doing so will help you get on the right path to a prosperous and happy life.

So, in terms of pregnancy, angel number 515 also carries very lucky messages.

The number 5 represents transformation, with the number 1 meaning newness.

So, angel number 515 could be pointing towards a new baby entering your life soon.

This is an incredibly lucky meaning for those wishing to conceive.

If you are currently expecting, angel number 515 brings you support and comforting energy.

You are being advised to stay positive and await the bundle of joy you may soon meet!

8. Angel Number 111

Angel number 111 is another highly intuitive and spiritual number that can bring you powerful messages, especially good ones.

111 can often indicate that your requests or prayers have been answered and that the Universe has your back.

Keeping this in mind, 111 deems itself to be a highly lucky number for those who have been wishing to conceive.

Angel number 111 can signify that provided the current time and circumstances are right, you can expect to fall pregnant quite soon.

As number 1 portrays new changes and the creation of new things, and 111 triples this effect, the possibility of giving birth to a new baby is quite high.

This angel number could also be telling you to listen to your gut instinct, as you have strong intuition and a deep connection with the spiritual realm.

There are strong chances that the Universe is using your intuitive abilities to communicate messages and guidance to you.

So, you must be ready to hear and understand whatever you feel in your gut.

With that said, angel number 111 advises you to be calm, patient, and trusting with your guardian angels.


9. Angel Number 444

Angel number 444 carries wonderful meaning for family, relationships, and children.

If you are currently pregnant, you may have been feeling stressed a lot recently.

There may have been a whole list of worries and concerns that have left you in shambles.

Well, your divine guardians may use angel number 444 to tell you to stop worrying.

Remember to keep faith in the higher realm and divine forces if you feel anxious.

You need to stop doubting the Universe and remember that they have you on the right track.

For those of you who have been trying to conceive, angel number 444 brings a strong message.

You must keep in mind that everything that happens is for your own good.

Wherever this path may take you, it will be a fruitful and satisfying place.

Whether you conceive or not, you must not worry or feel discouraged.

The Universe has nothing but unconditional love and cares for you and your wellbeing.

Perhaps a delay in pregnancy is what’s right for you, despite what you may think.

No matter what happens, angel number 444 is here to tell you everything will be fine!

10. Angel Number 000

Angel number 000 has a simplistic yet spiritually powerful meaning to it.

As this number means wholeness and new beginnings, 000 can carry a very lucky message for pregnancy.

If giving birth to a new baby is what your heart desires, 000 says you have good chances of soon conceiving.

Remember to keep in touch with your spirituality and surround yourself with divine positive energy. Have trust that you are on the correct path.

You should not focus on any negative aspects or feelings in your life and instead work on strengthening your ties with the spiritual realm.

Meditation is also a good way to encircle yourself with mystic energy and provide yourself with the best circumstances for birth and parenthood.

Another possible meaning of angel number 000 is that you and your baby will be healthy and happy, as you have the love and aid of divine forces on your side.

Make sure to be on the lookout for any other angelic messages and try your best to understand their meanings.

Doing so will assist you on your life’s path and will help you on your journey to a good future.



That was our list of the Top 10 Angel Numbers For Pregnancy.

We hope that reading the angel number meaning helped you understand why it was being sent to you and that you received some signs to help you with your current situation.

You should remember to acknowledge the presence of the spiritual guidance being sent to you instead of shrugging it off as a coincidence in order to experience its full meaning.

You should also make sure to thank and show gratitude towards the Universe and your guardian angels for the heavenly guidance they have offered you in this confusing time.

Please note that any physical pregnancy concerns should be taken straight to the doctor and that this does not substitute professional, medical, or scientific advice.

With that said, we hope this article assisted you in some way and if you want to learn about any other angel numbers, feel free to check out our other articles!

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!