3 Signs That Indicate Archangel Barachiel Is Near You


Meet the Archangel Barachiel.

He’s known as the angel of blessings (also known as Barakiel). His name means “Blessings of God”. He has a very specific work in heaven. He’s God’s messenger but not just any messenger, he delivers something very special to humans. He announces and delivers God’s blessings to people (while Barachiel delivers blessings, Archangel Sandalphon carries our messages or our prayers directly to God). Apart from that, he’s a leader, he’s the chief of all guardian angels, but he does not have the same power as the other 3 major Archangel Names, who work more closely with human beings than any other angels. However, Archangel Zadkiel also works closely with humans but in a different way.


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Although Archangel Barachiel is not mentioned in the Bible, he is indeed part of the archangels mentioned in the Book of Enoch (the others are Archangel MetatronHanielAriel, etc), one of the most ancient Judaic texts humanity knows about, In this book, Barachiel is described as a high-rank seraphim and one of the most glamorous princes of heaven. As we already mentioned, Barachiel leads most of the Guardian Angels who are lower in rank and are working closely with humans. The book mentions that 496000 active guardian angels are working in Earth. Barachiel leads all these guardian angels. Barachiel, as any other seraphim, also guards God’s throne.

Barachiel also has some astrological roles in the universe. He manages the energy on planet Jupiter. Many astrological enthusiasts link him with Pisces and Scorpio zodiacal signs. Due to his connection with Jupiter, he is related to the energy of abundance, and financial matters. Those who seek wealth and need financial assistance should look upon connecting with Archangel Barachiel.

Either way, Barachiel is a very helpful and beneficial angel! He can help you attract the things you seek, however, you also need to have the proper mindset (see: LOA power). When he’s close to you, manifests and attracts abundance, blessings, and prosperity to your life. Wouldn’t you like to be near this archangel? There are many methods to call Barachiel. You can call him yourself through your prayers however if you do not use the right words it’s possible he’s not going to listen to you, but not only that, with the right words you can manifest and attract miracles and many blessings to your life:

Now let’s get into the matter, here are some signs of Barachiel’s presence when he is nearby:

Barachiel Loves Rose Petals More Than Any Other Archangel

Since rose petals symbolize God’s blessings showering down from heaven into people’s lives, Barachiel will sometimes use rose petals to manifest his presence in your life. Roses, which contain the highest level of energy vibrations than any flower. So, if someone gives you roses or while walking on the street you find some roses it may indicate Barichiel is close and something good is about to happen. Blessings are expressions of God’s great love for people, so it’s natural for Barachiel to use roses as signs of his loving presence as one of God’s messengers and the archangel of blessings. (You may be interested: Archangel Chamuel – How to Find Your Soulmate).


While Barachiel usually sends roses with beautiful petals into the lives of people with whom he’s interacting, sometimes instead of roses, you will perceive the fragrance of roses, or maybe a cloud in the sky with the shape of a rose as a sign that he’s nearby. The scent of roses is a sign of the presence of holiness in general. It’s sometimes called the “odor of sanctity” because of that.  Also, it is common while praying that you may smell roses, even when there aren’t any around you – that is a significant sign Barichiel is listening to you and subsequently manifest blessing, abundance, prosperity! So pay attention to your nose while praying. Other Archangels use flowers to manifest as Archangel Raguel.

Unexpected Laughter


Barichiel’s presence is incredibly joyful. He often inspires people to laugh without any reason unlike St Michael the Archangel that’s a warrior and with a very strong personality. It’s like a joke you have not heard but you start laughing before it is told. Humor is a gift from God that reduces stress in people’s lives by putting the challenges they go through in an accurate perspective. Through humor, people can see how even the most difficult circumstances don’t have to overwhelm them, because God and his angels are much more powerful than any circumstances, so trusting God is all they need to do. Barachiel, who is constantly involved in helping people who trust God, knows that God will empower believers to have the last laugh in any situation by being victorious in it.

Barachiel Is The Synonym Of Good Things To Happen

Be grateful and happy if you get that feeling that allows you to shift your attitudes from expecting the worst to expecting the best – Barachiel may be at work in your life. If you’re looking for good fortune and abundance, this Archangel is the answer you’re looking for. He is very close to human beings, unlike other archangels like Archangel Jophiel, that’s only close to humans during the full moon. Do not despair if you still don’t have the abundance and prosperity you’re looking for. Be patient, and be in peace with others, sooner or later Barachiel will manifest these things to your life. He will often send positive thoughts of expecting the best into people’s minds to prepare them to receive the blessings God has for them.

Now that you know how to recognize Archangel Barachiel, it is time to start learning about more guardian angels and archangels. There are plenty of Archangels in heaving waiting to start a connection with you. Also if you’re new to the world of meditation and prayer, you can get started with our free .mp3 meditation session. Tap here to get your free angel session.

With love and gratitude,

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! I found a stem with 3 white roses on it laying in the ground right outside my condo building this morning. Obvi, it had fallen off a floral arrangement, but we all know there are no accidents in this world- those roses fell when they did and I found them when I did. I had never heard of this archangel before! I’ve always been a huge fan of Raphael 💚, but to have a such a beautiful and Divine message come to me regarding laughter, joy, and blessings is nothing short of amazing! 🙏✨💖

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