5 Steps To Successfully Connect With Archangel Chamuel To Enliven Your Romantic Life

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Have you heard about the Archangel of Love? This is Archangel Chamuel, also known as “Kamael” which means “One who sees God”, the most romantic and passionate in heaven. His aura is a pink ray, full of love and very high-frequency energy. He is known for his gentleness and kind to those who call him.

Despite the rest of the Major Archangels, especially Archangel Michael, he is the only one who does not fight dark forces nor demons. He only spreads love and compassion even to his enemies. There’s an archangel that’s the opposite: The Archangel of Punishment. (If you want to work on the erotic aspects of your life, you can call upon Archangel Haniel).


Archangel Chamuel Role In Religious Texts

Archangel Chamuel is not specifically mentioned in the bible but it is known he developed some important tasks.

When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, God wanted to ensure the procreation and the health of the first marriage in human history so decided to send Archangel Chamuel to help them with their relationship and also comfort them. He also accompanied Jesus Christ during his expedition in the Garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion. During those difficult times, Jesus Christ knew his destiny so God sent Chamuel to comfort him and to give him inner peace, to support the incoming future.


It is important to mention that Chamuel has a very key role in the Tree Of Life mentioned in the Khabalah, which is one of the most ancient mystic Judaic texts. The Tree of Life is composed of 10 Sephirots, which are the different branches of the Tree of Love, each branch has unique, powerful and divine qualities. In the case of Archangel Chamuel, he represents a quality called “Geburah”. This quality involves all the expressions of love that comes from God.

Archangel Chamuel also has the mission of strengthening the self-esteem of those who have lost confidence in themselves. He will help, appreciate, and value yourself more. This is why it is said that with his help you can attract your soulmate (see Biorhythm Compatibility). He works with your self-esteem, with your soul. He improves your confidence and your attitude towards other people. These behaviors are attractive for the opposite sex. He can channel your desires to help you find your soulmate through some special steps we are going to explain to you at the end of this reading.

He has a key role in healing relationships, especially for those who have suffered relationship trauma like divorce or the end of a long-dating relationship. If you notice something is not okay with your current relationship, he can enliven it with new vibrations of love and healing energy.

If you have a strong connection with Archangel Chamuel you will experience an increase in your emotional intelligence, so you won’t burn energy in things that don’t deserve it and you will focus on what makes you productive and healthy, physically and mentally. He will also teach you to forgive and let go of the resentment in your life.

Archangel Chamuel basically works on any expression of love. Those who work for world peace, racial or ethnic divisions, etc, are enlightened by this powerful divine healer.

How To Connect With Archangel Chamuel?

Similar to what we have explained to you on how to connect with Archangel Jophiel, we bring you steps on how to manifest the attraction powers of Archangel Chamuel.

If you are looking to keep your relationship at the highest level of love and joyfulness, connecting with Chamuel will enliven it. You can connect with him by performing the following steps once a week. Just be patient and have faith. You will see how results start to happen.

Remember: Archangels cannot help unless you ask! (If you want to find friendship compatible with your aura, you can call Archangel Sandalphon who can assist you on that matter).

1. Archangel Chamuel Pink Ray Aura


Those who have experimented with the aura of Archangel Chamuel have described it as a very peaceful but powerful pink ray. The pink ray is God’s expression of pure love and peace. Chamuel’s pink ray is related to the component of air and the heart chakra of our unpretentious life systems. It is said that the heart chakra is where the soul is born, which is the highest containment of energy that your subtle anatomy has. The first thing you need to do to connect with him is to start creating pink light, try to get a pink heart of light, and turn it on.

2. Rose Quartz Crystals

Since the aura of Archangel Chamuel is pink, you can attract his spiritual energy using Rose Quartz Crystals. The quartz is known for having a very strong power to attract divine energy. Put the quartz crystals at the door of your room and the corners of the walls, also keep some for yourself.

3. The Scent Of Roses And Its Essence


We want to turn on all our senses in a certain direction. We want to match all characteristics of Archangel Chamuel’s aura. On this step, you will start to feel your heart healing and your level of meditation and spiritual energy frequency starting to rise (Archangel Barachiel is the biggest fan of roses in heaven as well).

4. Write About Your Ideal Soulmate To Archangel Chamuel


After some meditation, the next step is to get a pink-colored paper and write down all the qualities you want to see on the other person. After that, write down all his/her current qualities on the paper. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while writing down these qualities while Archangel Chamuel guides you and starts the attraction of all these things to your life.

5. Archangel Chamuel Prayer

Many other blogs about angels and archangels usually tell you that connecting with Archangel Chamuel is as easy as just reciting a prayer. This is not true as you need to raise your vibrations and your consciousness to a theta level to attract the divine realm. That’s why all the previous steps are necessary to prepare your body and mind when calling upon Chamuel. Once everything else is sorted out, you can start to pray and invoke his presence in that exact moment. We recommend you to recite the following prayer:

Divine and celestial Archangel Chamuel, holy messenger of Love, help me to encounter God’s unequivocal love.  Help me to pass on your approval by going about as a conductor of God’s affection on the planet. If it’s not too much trouble help me give back and get love transparently and unreservedly, (Then describe your relationship troubles to Chamuel).

Keep your meditation session after reciting the prayer. You may feel a warm sensation near your heart or chest. Also, it is possible that you will see pink lights during the day. Just be aware that it means he listened and is accompanying you.

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With love and gratitude,

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