Who Is Angel Sariel Or Saraquel? – Full Guide

Angel Sariel or Saraquel belongs to the Theta Realm and the Angelic Realm but what is the Angelic Realm? Human beings are considered the wisest beings on earth, but there are certain divine forces and galaxies that challenge our comprehension. The world, as we know it, is a mere dot in a crowd of realms.

The Angelic Realm is a realm that connects our real world to our spiritual world. Just as the universe around us is home to a plethora of animals, beings, birds, and trees, the angelic realm is the home of angels.


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These angels are the messengers of the Divine and help communicate God’s messages. Just as we can’t see the angelic realm, we can’t hear or see these angels because they vibrate at a frequency that is beyond our auditory or visual range. It takes a deep level of knowledge and experience to be able to tune into the waveband of the angels and understand these otherworldly frequencies.


Who Are Archangels?


The battle between science and faith beyond what science can prove is a common topic of interest, but there has been one point in our lives when we all have found ourselves enthralled by the idea of higher spiritual beings.

Angels are these beings that are not home to our mediocre level of worldly knowledge. Regardless of belief systems or religion, stories of angels are sown into our heritage. Angels are perfect, spiritual, and incorporeal beings, who have been created by God to pose as His messengers and servants. They are loyal subjects of God, who actively listen to His commands and execute His word.

Although these angels inevitably follow God’s word, their duties are to protect us. They are intertwined with our lives and are guiding us at every step without our knowledge. When we pray to God, these angels convey our prayers to the Divine.

Although all angels selflessly perform the tasks of the Divine, Archangels belong to the highest domain of angel hierarchy (see Most Powerful Archangels). Their tasks aren’t very different from those of common angels, but their duties are even more important and crucial.

Archangels hold the duty of contemplating God, night and day, ceaselessly glorifying Him, respecting and shielding his mystery. Archangels are great beings of unconditional love and light, whose missions are closely interrelated with helping and guiding humanity. Archangels supervise and look over guides, guardian angels, and other angels who lend us a helping hand on earth. Archangels spread the energy of indubitable love and project God’s light.

There are more Archangels that we can count on our fingertips like Archangel AzraelMetatron, or Raguel, and each Archangel is given a divine responsibility. Archangel Sariel is one of the many celestial Archangels who we are going to find out more about.

Saraquel Or Angel Sariel (The Punisher)

Role In Religion And Ancient Scriptures

The name “Sariel” and “Saraquel” mean the “Command of God” and is Hebrew in its origin. Saraquel or Angel Sariel primarily belongs to Judaic tradition. Archangel Saraquel, Surufel, Sourial, Suruel, Sarakiel, Surya, Sauriel, and Seriel are other names of Archangel Sariel. While Archangel Sariel is considered a holy angel, it is also said this is a fallen angel, that is, one that was expelled from heaven, the same as Amenadiel.

Angel Sariel is believed to be one of the nine angels presiding over the summer solstice and rules Aries. Sariel teaches the course of the moon, which, at one time, was considered forbidden knowledge.

According to The Book of Enoch, Sariel is considered to be a part of the four holy Archangels of “eternity and trembling.”  It is believed that Sariel leads men astray and lusted after the daughters of men. Both the Book of Enoch and the Book of Genesis tell this story. Angel Sariel is believed to be a kind angel of death and an angel of healing.

History says that Angel Sariel, along with Angel Salathiel, brought back Adam and Eve to the Cave of Treasures from the top of the High Mountain, where Satan lured them.

Qualities Of Saraquel Or Archangel Sariel

Saraquel is a very powerful Archangel, he has multiple qualities and responsibilities in heaven. The angel is called the “Angel of Punishment and Death” (see Archangel Azrael) which means that he punishes those humans and angels that violate God’s command and God’s Will. Sariel also punishes those who sin. Angel Sariel provides protection against evil eyes and evil forces. Sariel is a warrior angel (same as St Michael The Archangel) he can also give you protection against Archons, evil entities that feed from your aura’s energy.

Along with being the angel of punishment, Saraquel or Angel Sariel is also known as the “Angel of Healing.” There are many unfortunate moments in our lives when we have to see a beloved die. Although the journey to the skies is supposed to be a placid one, we feel an unsettling discomfort and sense of despair.

In such times, pray to Archangel Sariel. He will bring you hope and comfort. He will give you the succor and reassurance you feel devoid of.

Another and one of the most important virtues of Angel Sariel is to be the “housekeeper.” Archangel Sariel believes in Divine order. If you have a lot of tasks lined up together, or your life suddenly seems excessively chaotic and tumultuous, you should pray to Angel Sariel. Angel Sariel helps declutter your life and helps you make it orderly and organized.

Not just your life, Angel Sariel helps calm your mind for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Praying to the Sariel Angel of guidance and healing will de-stress you and make you and your life feel more at peace and at ease. This Archangel will guide your soul in the right direction.

Saraquel is often portrayed as an ox. It is believed that, upon evoking, he makes an appearance in the form of an ox. His physical form of an ox symbolizes Aries, his celestial origin.

How To Connect With Saraquel Or Archangel Sariel


When you feel like you are losing control over your life, you should pray to Angel Sariel (Saraquel). Every time you experience chaos in your life, call out to Archangel Sariel.

There can be many situations in your life that can overwhelm you. Maybe you were hosting a party, and far too many people turned up, or you have too many tasks lined up for a day and not enough time to complete them all (learn how Archangel Sandalphon can help you overcome difficulties). These situations can stress out a person and make them feel uneasy. In these chaotic situations, calling out to Angel Sariel will make you feel calmer and more at ease. 

Other times you should call out to Angel Sariel is when you are despondent over the demise of a loved one. Losing someone close to and saying final goodbyes can be very difficult. Its times like these that your soul needs to heal. You need to attain mental peace and not let your emotions get the best of you.

When you feel sad and in need of comfort, call out to Angel Sariel, the angel of healing. Archangel Sariel will provide healing to you and give you hope and faith. He will instantly make you feel better and reassure you that everything will fall into place with time.

You can say any prayer of your choice while calling archangels. Prayers should be said in quiet and serene places. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and your heart with positive emotions while reciting a prayer. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Get in touch with your mind, body, and soul. Saying a prayer is a calming experience and should feel like one. Moreover, the angels should be able to hear you and feel your vibrations. A few prayers to call Angel Sariel are as follows:

“Holy Saraquel my Archangel Sariel, I call upon you now. Grace me with your presence, fill me with peace, and grant me a higher inner knowing. Allow me to just BE. Faith, Love, Trust. -Amen”

Once you say these prayers and call out to Saraquel or Angel Sariel, your life will instantly feel more orderly. You will feel the power within yourself to deal with everything and everyone that overwhelms you. Your fleeting life will come to a halt, and things will slow down. You will finally feel like you have time for yourself.

Your Personal Guide To The Angelic Realm

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