Who Is Amenadiel In The Bible? – Lucifer Series – 2022

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Who is Amenadiel in the bible? This is the question that many fans of the TV series wonder. This is not the common blog post we usually write in our normal fashion but today we want to talk about Amenadiel. 

Amenadiel is an Archangel from a fiction TV series called Lucifer. We have found this series to be very interesting since it goes deep into a drama story about the angelic realm and goes through the stories of each of the most powerful archangels. Most of the series is storytelling based on the creativity of the minds behind scenes, however, they used biblical and ancient scriptures as inspiration for their creation (you may be interested: Who is Mazikeen in the bible?).

If you are a fellow believer of God and the archangels and you watch this series (which we encourage you to do), you will start to wonder: Who is Amenadiel in the bible? It is one of the most special characters in the story and has a very key role. Many people who have watched it wonder the same at the beginning.

We don’t want to spoil too much about the series to our readers that haven’t watched it yet, so we will focus on the main description of the character and his personality, and later on, we’re going to compare it to one of the archangels that exists and who Amenadiel is based on.

Let’s start to decipher who is Amenadiel in the bible.



Amenadiel In The Bible

Amenadiel in the bible can’t be found, it has no information about this character, although there are ancient Judaic and Christian texts that have mentions to him. The bible has little information about the angelic realm, so the fact that Amenadiel is not in the bible doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

Two ancient texts have some information about who could be Amenadiel: the first one is newer than the other. Let’s dive deep on them:


Theurgia-Goetia is a book about magic. It is an anonymous text written in the XVII century and is one of the most important texts that talks about demons in Christianity. In this text, Amenadiel is known as the “East King”, commander of more than 1000 dukes and an important number of inferior spirits. Amenadiel is described as a demon of day and night, who has a prominent black aura (see: Archons evil entities that feed from your aura’s energy).

The Book of Enoch

As we have explained before, the Book of Enoch is an ancient Judaic text that contains a lot of information about the divine realm and angelic hierarchy. It has some information about the fallen angel Amenadiel which is described as a rebel, who wants to create a new kingdom without his father God. According to this ancient text, Amenadiel was defeated by Archangel Michael and sent to hell along with other angels that participated in the revolt (Angel Sariel and Remiel are also considered the most powerful fallen angels).

Who Is Amenadiel In The Lucifer Series?


Amenadiel is a Seraphim, a pure being of light and love created by God. He was one of his first creations, incredibly powerful, as powerful as Lucifer and superior to most of his brothers. He is the leader of one of the levels of the first sphere of heaven, the thrones. He is described as a loyal servant of God and humanity and also a very powerful warrior dedicated to the fulfillment of God’s plan and the harmony of the entire creation.

Many of the fans of the show say Amenadiel is Archangel Metatron since he is one of the top Archangels in the Judaic cannon and he is extremely powerful and benevolent with human beings. However, this is not possible since in the canon of the series Amenadiel is the eldest creation of God, but Metatron was a human before being an angel, so this hypothesis is not correct.

He Is A Warrior

One of the key characteristics of Amenadiel is his vocation to the battle. He is a natural warrior of heaven and is also one of the most powerful characters of the series after God and Lucifer. He is not compassionate, he only fulfills the will of God even if he has to kill or face the most dangerous or powerful enemies and demons. Now, if we look at the major archangels there’s one that fits into this description and it is St Michael The Archangel – he is a natural warrior, he even dresses in armor, and a sword, despite many of other archangels.

Archangel Michael is also described as one of the first creations of God and also the most powerful of the major archangels. While this completely matches with Amenadiel, he cannot be Archangel Michael since he appears in the series as Michael Demiurgos.

He Is Loyal To God

Amenadiel seeks fidelity and loyalty to God over all things. In the series, he even descended to earth to talk with Lucifer to convince him to go back to hell under God’s orders. During the history and ancient scriptures, Michael has also been described for performing incredibly difficult tasks that God only would assign to an angel he trusts. For example, in the old testament Daniel 12, it says Michael protected Israel from spiritual attacks. Due to the high level of fidelity and loyalty that both share towards God, we can start to notice how their characters are more similar now.


Due to these facts, we can probably say that Amenadiel is a mixture of the description of the ancient texts and Archangel Michael. Is it correct to say that Amenadiel in the bible is Archangel Michael? No, they are completely different characters, both in the religious texts and the series as well. This is a mystery that many fans of the Lucifer series wonder today. We used our knowledge about the angelic realm and the Character Amenadiel to come up with a conclusion to answer this question, but there’s still a level of uncertainty.

We made a good job describing the character without giving too many spoilers for those who haven’t watched this great fiction series. If you are passionate about the archangels and like the drama, this is the series for you. We highly encourage you to watch it and find a source of entertainment.

It is important to point out that the Lucifer Series is just a fiction story based on the major Archangels, however, it doesn’t have anything to do with our beliefs and shouldn’t be taken seriously. It is just for entertainment and we found it interesting to see how far human creativity can go around the archangels to create such great drama stories.

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