Are There Female Archangels? Top 5 Most Powerful

Are any of the archangels female?

This is something many people wonder and this is the question we are going to answer today. We’re going to talk about the top 5 female archangels that are in the top hierarchy of the angelic realm. Although we have said before that angels don’t have gender, everything in the spiritual plane is energy. Just like a coin which possesses two sides, the same applies to an angel. One side has the masculine expression or male energy (that we have linked with throughout the patriarchal Piscean Age), but in contrast, the other side shows the feminine appearance or female energy that has a stronger vibration for some of the angels.


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The following are the top 5 female archangels that have been focusing their light on assisting us to live better:


1. Jophiel: Female Archangel of Beauty

The Archangel Jophiel is indicated as one of the zodiac archangels in Pseudo-Dionysius’s de celestial hierarchical, a fifth-century creation related to angelology that has influenced Christian theology. It’s stated that this work influenced the writings of Thomas Aquinas regarding the nine angel choirs. Jophiel is the most beautiful of the female archangels.

As the angel of beauty, Archangel Jophiel has a unique feminine energy. She has a significant mission of bringing beauty to all life’s spheres including the following:

Who is Archangel Jophiel_ The Archangel of Beauty
  • Thoughts: She will help you have more positive points of view concerning your life, relationships, as well as circumstances.
  • Feelings: Archangel Jophiel will fill your heart with warm feelings of gratitude alongside enjoyment.
  • Home and Office: She will help you reduce clutter and form a meaningful environment that is favorable for work and relaxation.
  • Oneself: This female arc will guide you in all aspects related to self-care, including beautifying yourself.

When Should You Call On Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel can assist you in quickly shifting from a negative to a positive state of mind. You will discover that she is so beautiful to call upon to clear your conflicts with other people. Jophiel will also bring beauty to your life, including helping with your hair, make-up, and wardrobe.

If you seek Jophiel’s help in beautifying your life, you will feel the urgency of donating or selling your unwanted property. Her halo color is deep fuchsia but sometimes it is yellow, and therefore once you start seeing flashes or sparkles of hot pink light or yellow or when you are suddenly attracted to these colors, it’s a symbol that this female archangel is with you.

Jophiel can also be regarded as the “Feng Shui Angel” after the ancient Asian art of room organization. An organized environment has a strong effect on our levels of energy and Jophiel knows it, it also affects mood, sleep patterns, as well as health. Her color is dark pink or yellow. Her crystal or gemstone is a deep pink tourmaline.

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2. Ariel: Female Archangel Of Nature

Archangel Ariel is the female archangel who is mentioned in the apocryphal ancient Judaic texts in addition to mystical Judeo-Christian text compositions as a nature overseer and the underworld regulator.

In the underworld regulator role, Ariel presides over the intense aggressive existence of punishing those who go against the will of God and move into darkness.


Ariel’s association with the spirit of nature was immortalized by Shakespeare, who illustrated this archangel as a tree sprite in The Tempest. Inside the play, Ariel gets secret knowledge on behalf of the magician Prospero.

Ariel will assist in reminding you that you possess imaginative power of influence over your life and that by using your thoughts, good and bad words, various feelings, beliefs, various intentions, and emotions, you are shaping your life. She is so evolving, and like all female archangels, she will rarely interfere in your life before you ask. Ariel treasures the actions you do as you wish and will let you learn all your lessons until you ask for help. Upon asking her, archangel Ariel is ever ready and willing to assist in magical, miraculous, and practical ways.

She will assist in super-charging your intentions and aligning your vibration with your conscious desires to manifest in your life. Part of this involves intention setting, and a section of this is the lioness of courage, strength, as well as the confidence to stand in your power and roar.

In some situations, the best solution is to move out of your comfort zone and seek Ariel to assist you in finding the courage to go for it and also to have faith in yourself to manifest your dreams and goals, and to realize that the universe and the natural world is magically conspiring with you.

Ariel naturally and continuously radiates divine love and presence with the source. The most uplifting of the female archangels, she will comfort you with protection, healing, magic, and divine love.

When Should One Call Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel is a healer who works in union with Archangel Raphael, more so in circumstances of helping birds, fish, in addition to other animals.

Archangel Ariel is accepted to be a pioneer of the Virtues ensemble of blessed messengers that oversees the request for the physical universe, watching over the sun, moon, stars, and all the planets, including planet earth. This is the reason Ariel is so concerned about environmentalism.

As the angel responsible for earth’s natural resources, Ariel ensures the proper handling of people and animals as part of her mission. Therefore, she works to ensure that there is adequate healthy food, clean water, ideal shelter, and other essential supplies. Feel free to ask Archangel Ariel to assist you in accessing your earthly requirements.

She can also assist you in interacting with nature safely and with enjoyment. Ariel is a wonderful archangel you can call upon if you are hiking or camping. She will gladly introduce you to the invisible side of nature in case you request for her assistance.

When you have constantly yearned to connect with the imaginary beings or other elementals, seek out Ariel to offer you guidance. She will assist you in navigating through the nature spirit realm and make you meet the benevolent being who caters to gardens, parks, flowers, trees, and water creatures.

Also, Ariel can assist in healing wild or domestic animals, birds, and fish.

The color of archangel Ariel is pale pink, and her crystal or gemstone is rose quartz.

3. Haniel: Female Archangel Of Intuition 

In the Kabbalah, Haniel commands over the 7th, or Netzach, Sephirah (consequential of the will of God). This field is associated with victory and constitutes our inner world of intuition, imagination, as well as emotions.

The Netzach Sephirah is the start of humankind’s free will and the expression of endurance and tenacity. It is the incarnation of earthly love.


The Archangel Haniel shows interior qualities from the outside as the full moon, other angelic entities that are also in Kabbalah are Archangel RazielCassiel, and Metatron.

Haniel is the most feminine and mysterious of the female archangels. She has been revered starting from the Babylonian era, which incorporated astronomy into religion.

When Should You Call Archangel Haniel?

Call upon Archangel Haniel to help you shape your intuition and clairvoyance in addition to any aspect of sacred feminine energy. It is so useful for you to call upon Haniel during the full moon, especially if there is anything that you would like to release or heal. Haniel can specifically help with women’s problems.

Being the expression of the inner world of intuition, Archangel Haniel is a caring guide for anyone wishing to develop the aspect related to human spirit talents, such as clairvoyance. She has a bluish-white halo color that is similar to the moon. Wearing a moonstone can boost intuitive transmissions and also assist you in feeling connected to Haniel.

Men and women can significantly benefit from connecting to this archangel since men have feminine energy, just like women have masculine energy. Archangel Haniel can assist all humans in awakening and trusting their inner guidance.

The color of this archangel is pale blue (moonlight). The crystal or gemstone of this archangel is the moonstone.

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4. Aurora: Female Archangels of Peace

This female archangel is referred to as the twin flame of Archangel Uriel. Together they are referred to as the angels of peace. Aurora’s message to human beings is that she is grateful for all that we do every day. She thanks us for our love, hope, and striving to do better every time. Their twin flame acknowledges the efforts that we made and those that we continue to make. Archangel Aurora and Archangel Uriel are happy for us. Aurora is the most grateful of the female archangels.

They continue to tell us not to be so hard on ourselves because mistakes happen, meanings are distorted, words are misused and missed, and feelings are wrongly perceived.

The twin flame also understands that there are occasions where we may feel like an outburst, no matter our age, screaming, crying, and lashing out, and so on. Aurora and Uriel emphasize that this is normal. We do not need to blame ourselves. We should love ourselves all through the pain and agony.

These female archangels say that we are humans who process situations as they happen. If cases occur, they are like an invitation to observe, to discover, and to grow. We are advised not to be hard on ourselves for learning and for growing! We are on this planet to learn and grow. It is the real purpose of our existence. We should see reactions as growth opportunities.

Archangel Aurora and Uriel want us to know that we shall never feel alright and complete. That’s perfect. Our souls were planned that way, and we need to realize this. Everything happens for a reason. Darkness comes into our lives because it also cultivates growth.

We should recognize that times of total darkness can as well bring times of immense light. We must lean into the darkness, become one with it, to transform the darkness into light. In doing so, we entirely have the universe in control and become one with it. Darkness lets us flow, expand, and create.

When Should You Call On Archangel Aurora?

You can call on Archangel Aurora in case you intend to boost inner peace, improve harmony in your relationships, and also boost self-love as well as self-satisfaction.

5. Faith: Twin Flame Of Archangel Michael

She is the most vigorous of the female archangels, she is usually recognized as an electric blue lightning bolt. Her energies and intentions are gentle and supportive as she encourages all people to tap in to and communicate with the energy of faith within their beings.

This female archangel is present with you to assist your connection and relationship with your inner trust. Faith helps you feel, sense, and acknowledge that the creator resides within you, supporting and offering you guidance as she keeps his presence all around you for every second you breathe.

Archangel Faith has the purpose of magnifying your relationship with the high most creator so that feelings of blame, doubt, fear, anger, and divorce are dissolved, making you stand in a better position of experiencing the beauty of your creator within and around you.

Once you let go of whatever hinders your acquaintance with your creator, you start feeling a warm glow of trust and faith emerging and filling your whole being. Some clarify this as an electrical discharge coming into their beings since they can see, sense, and recognize with higher lucidity that they feel reestablished, edified, and can recognize the presence of the creator in their midst. (You may be interested: Discover if you’re compatible with St Michael The Archangel).

When Should You Call Archangel Faith?

You should call upon Archangel Faith to increase your power as well as confidence. Archangel Faith and Michael are devoted. Call upon Archangel Faith when you criticize others for being different from you and seeing things more differently than you. For today’s constant fights and conflicts across the globe, she emphasizes that all of our hearts are the same. Archangel Faith advises that we humans have the choice regarding how we see others. We choose to hear, see, speak just like God, our creator, and recognize that we are all the same.

Faith says that if everybody could stop, dismiss judgment, and look deeper beyond the exterior of their fellows, they would see the incredible beauty of their fellow men and their true God-self.

On learning to see this in others and yourself, you would then be whole, healed, and perfect, and your world would be a unique place to live in.

In the absence of Faith, inspired action would be impossible.

How To Connect With These Female Archangels?


Female Archangels are a higher elevation of energy. They respect our freedom to decide and will not interfere in our lives unless we request it to them. Here are the ways you can connect with female archangels for help:

  • Request for their ideas and inspiration: You can particularly request the female archangels to reignite your brain and imagination to achieve clarity and take action. Do this when your life’s purpose is unclear. For example, you can ask your preferred archangel this way; “Please give me inspiration and ideas to help me decide, know, or create my desires so that I know the next step to take. Thank you.”
  • Utilize the “I surrender” statement: Surrendering is not a sign of weakness. It is faith in your higher self and the archangels as well as God and the universe. Surrender to the female archangels when you are nervous and not feeling okay.
  • All you require to do is to ask for help from them. You don’t need to specify the name of your female archangel. Only ask what you want of them and get help. If you want to focus your prayer on a certain female archangel and you have clear how you want her to impact your life, feel free to ask for what you want her to control in your life.
  • Have the “I am ready intention.”: The statement of, “I am ready” is a powerful manifestation intention that you can utilize to request for whatever you desire from your archangels. Use positive phrases and concentrate on what you want without nagging. After requesting, be attentive to opportunities and ideas that come to you and follow them.
  • Ask your archangels for the people and resources you need to realize success. Tell your female archangel to put you on the minds of any helpful people you need to succeed.

Now more than ever, we should realize that all the female archangels help both men and women to live in union with the universe and themselves.

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