Is Melchizedek An Archangel?

Set yourself in the path of divine healing, prosperity, family well-being, and spiritual upliftment. Raise your hands and welcome Melchizedek into your life. Pray to the priest of God. Pray to the pure soul. Reach upon his blessings and levy the benefits of spiritual security. His blessings are considered peaceful.

He is mentioned in the Bible as the “Son of God.” His existence is proclaimed in Genesis, by the Hebrew authors, and all of it is worth knowing Melchizedek – the righteous man of God. He is regarded with several names, such as “King of Righteousness,” the “King of Salem,” sometimes also called the “King of Peace.” Blessings from Melchizedek can give you great things. Little does the world know of him.


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The story of Gods and Kings are always mysterious. One such mystery revolves around Melchizedek, the “King of Salem.” He is not much talked about in the Bible. Only three books of the Bible have his name. Some call him an avatar of Jesus. His appearance in Abraham’s life for a single day raised questions in people’s minds. After that, he was never heard from again.


Is Melchizedek A Christophany?

Melchizedek is one of the most intriguing characters with not much reference in the Bible. The absence of information on his existence, his spiritual powers, and why people refer to him as an avatar of Jesus – have raised a lot of questions on his character. People refer to him as a person who worships God like no one else.

Melchizedek, the archangel from biblical times, is a folklore tinted character introduced as the “priest of God most high” by Genesis. The definition of his character came across while he was blessing Abraham. He is also a part of the Psalms, however, with less attention. The book of Hebrews has also discussed his existence, with a less detailed proclamation (Archangel Zadkiel was able to achieve God’s mercy for Abraham).

Theophany and Christophany are words interchangeably used for archangels. Broadly speaking, when God appears to someone in a visible form, he is known as a Theophany. The appearance can be inanimate and in the form of a storm, a ray of light, or a shadow.

The appearance of God in the likeness of a man is Christophany. Jesus appeared in the likeness of a man, born of the flesh, blood, and human materials. Several theological details refer to the presence of “Son of God” in old testaments.

The testaments were recorded before the incarnation of Jesus. Drawing reference from Melchizedek’s existence in Three Young Men or the story of Daniel 3 can be taken as classic examples of what is believed to be a Christophany. Melchizedek stepped into the narrative, as if out of nowhere, after Abram’s victory on his war with Ched.

His appearance is taken as a Christophany because of identifiable features in the likeness of a man.

5 Facts That Reveal Why Melchizedek Is An Archangel

Existence During Abraham’s Time

The story of Abraham in the Bible draws the first picture where Melchizedek appears after God called Abraham astonishingly. Abraham found himself in an interesting situation. His nephew, Lot, was kidnapped. The King Chedorlaomer was in the state of conquering the nearby world while still ruling the city-states of the region.

Abraham’s nearby city was attacked by Chedorlaomer, and Lot was made a Prisoner by the king. Abraham got infuriated. He picked the war, also known as the “Battle of Siddim,” “War of Nine Kings,” along with 318 warriors against Chedorlaomer and his three loyal kings. Abram achieved victory in the slaughter of Chedorlaomer.

He then rescued his nephew, Lot, and brought him back to Canaan. Here is the situation where Melchizedek appears and blesses Abraham.

No Existence Of Family History

Shedding light on Melchizedek and his family records, there are no details of his mother, father, son of so and so. Family history writings of Melchizedek by the Hebrews contrast a lineage base priesthood of Aaron with Melchizedek.

Although the contrasting details have no record of birth or death or anything. The writings of the Hebrews throw interesting facts from where questions were raised in different directions. Melchizedek is known to be a righteous man, similar to Jesus.

If studies are to be believed, before Jesus’ incarnation in bone and flesh, Melchizedek appeared as an Angel to govern the city of Salem. However, Jesus’ existence holds a superior position compared to Melchizedek’s appearance before his birth (You may be interested: Archangel Cassiel is the archangel of solitude).

The Journey Of Salem To Jerusalem

The city of Salem is famous for its virtues of being safe and peaceful. The ancient town of Salem was later renamed Jerusalem. Solomon built the temple of God in Jerusalem. The author of Hebrews states several analogies, for example, a likening between Jesus and Melchizedek.

The king of Jerusalem, David, is the father of Jesus. Later Jesus was known to be the high priest of a new covenant, whereas Melchizedek was a priest as well. This is interesting for a few reasons.

The rebel between Abraham and Chedorlaomer led to the victory of Abraham. However, the kings battling the war were the rulers of some city-state areas, except the city of Salem. Melchizedek’s blessings made Abram the king of peace, and Salem never had to enter the fray.

Reference In The New Testament

The old testament draws enough attention to Melchizedek’s existence. On the contrary, the new testaments are much popular, although they do not talk a whole lot about Melchizedek. His role in the Bible is explained with enough attention, along with a few verses in Genesis.

Melchizedek’s name in the Bible appears only ten times, once in the Psalms, one time in Genesis, and the rest of his existence can be taken from the Hebrews. Authors of the Genesis and the Psalm relate four verses on Melchizedek, whereas the author of Hebrews writes an entire chapter (Chapter 7) discussing his priesthood, the purity of his character, and the encouragement of others on Melchizedek’s spiritual path.

To throw light on his existence, it clearly explains that his existence is compared to no less than God, precisely almost similar to Jesus. Melchizedek appeared as a cameo, some would say. Studies on Melchizedek’s appearance draw parallels on a co-existing nature, stating Melchizedek existed literally, Jesus Christ existed literally.

Strength Of Character

Melchizedek is the first priest-king in scripture. His existence made people believe that his heart was turned to God. He motivated others to serve God wholeheartedly. He had shown spiritual encouragement through his blessings. His love for God reflected a positive spiritual aspect of his character.

Although mostly referred to in old testaments, his personality draws inclusion from Jesus’ existence. He remained the lovable priest forever, also known as the “King of Peace.” People sometimes referred to him as the “King of Righteousness.”

The authors of Hebrew conclude that his existence was without the beginning of days or the end of life. All of this makes us believe that Melchizedek is an archangel, precisely a Christophany.

The Blessings Of Melchizedek

Melchizedek blessed Abraham after his victory on the slaughter of Chedorlaomer. His sudden insertion in the story of Abraham raised questions. Melchizedek teaches us many lessons.

The first comes from his identity. The priest of the highest God and the “King of Righteousness.” Additional details on Melchizedek revealed his existence without descent. The Genesis focused on genealogy revolving around the generations of Adam. There is no timeline when Genesis describes Melchizedek’s appearance.

He has no possible descendants. His intervention accomplished a preposition. Abraham agreed to the blessings of Melchizedek. Melchizedek gave a short instruction to Abraham, and he quickly learned to make crucial decisions in moments of crisis. He blessed Abraham to be the highest God, possessor of heaven and Earth. He bestowed happiness on his path, thereby taking evil unto him (Learn more about how Archangel Jeremiel can help you overcome difficulties).

He invoked a divine favor upon Abraham and made him the immeasurable devotee of God. Constant references of God’s involvement in Abraham’s battle led him to victory and delivered Abraham’s enemies in his hands. Melchizedek’s blessings made him an important figure (You may be interested: Learn more about the characteristics and personality of Archangel Michael, the lead warrior of heaven).

He was considered a great man by the Hebrews. Upon the tremendous victory gained by Abraham, God sends a priest Melchizedek to bless him. The existence of Melchizedek in perfect timing, most importantly, taught him lessons that blessings could change one’s life.

Blessings at the right time can get you through moments of trial, despair, temptation, infirmities, and lofty circumstances leading to great success.

Prayer To Connect With Melchizedek

Melchizedek, the chief angel of God – all of God’s virtues in one person. He is considered with great grace. Melchizedek’s function in heaven resembles that of Christ’s duties on Earth, precisely known to have a Christ-like character. Old Testament reveals Jesus’ order to be the order of Melchizedek.

After his birth, at the house of David, people sometimes refer to Melchizedek to be the angel of peace. Pray to Melchizedek and embrace his graceful presence. This will affect you positively and also the ones who are around you. Seek the incredible power of Melchizedek for the world beyond, by virtue of God.

Seek his blessings to do great things on Earth and make this Earth a better place. Support and consider the desire to do pure things. Remove all evil. Seek for a Christ-like life. Choose goodness over negative emotions. Inculcate morality, ethics, and integrity and give away the hurtful feelings and anger.

Jesus was under the same order of Melchizedek. In your prayers to Melchizedek, desire to be a better person. Involved in the divine intercession and realize your goodness. Prayers to Melchizedek will make you a better person than you know, you could be. In the end, pay your respect to Jesus Christ’s pure and precious nature. Refer to them as heavenly friends of peace and solitude.

Connect With Archangels – Live In Divine Spiritual Health

Talking of the divine, we are all aware that our Guardian Angels are protecting us from all evil. We are all supported by a team of God’s spiritual masters, spirit guides, loved ones, and archangels. What we pray goes directly into their minds, and we connect with the divine. While praying, we all appeal to the creator.

With prayers and spiritual emotions, archangels and spiritual masters are appointed by God. They work as God’s special volunteers and bestow upon us the gifts sent by him. Archangels are the advocates of God, acting directly to fill our lives with happiness. Archangels manage the task on Earth.

They are responsible for: 

  • creation of souls 
  • facilitation of souls in the correct path 
  • order the natural world to be within its purview, and much more.

Archangels carry a different set of orders. They assist humankind. They help humanity derive divine in its journey. An Archangel is called by God for a specific task. Through our happiness, we acknowledge their presence and the gift sent by God.

Formal prayer to request assistance from archangels is not mandatory, clear your mind, and connect with the purest form of your soul. Archangels will hear you. They can appear in front of you in any attribute. With archangels being spiritual elements, there is no specific gender of an archangel.

From MetatronHanielUrielJophiel – all are the greatest messengers sent by God. They act as:

  • instigators of a powerful change 
  • the divine guide of life path and sexuality 
  • Attorneys of Mercy and grace 
  • the joy giver 
  • the divine benefactor of unconditional love 
  • pillar of solitary strength 
  • benevolent Transformer of mental and emotional anxieties 

Archangels are the divine naturals. They make miraculous occurrences in the form of God’s orders. Connect with archangels and subscribe to get a free .mp3 meditation session. Invoke the habit of connecting with an archangel and see how life takes a turn.

You will find better teamwork, better assistance, happiness at work, and home. Explore the vision of spiritual reality and seek help from the divine peacekeeper of synchronicity. Tap here to claim your Free .MP3 Angel meditation session.

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