Theta Healing – How To Stay In The Theta Realm Forever?


What Is Theta Healing?

Theta healing is a healing technique developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal that focuses on specific meditation techniques and a spiritual philosophy designed to help participants remove negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. It is these limiting thoughts and negative ideas that keep people mired in fear and insecurity.

The meditation processes in theta healing are designed to help participants get closer to their angels and the Creator, as they know them. Theta healing isn’t tied to any one religious belief system, it is accepting of all of them, as each individual’s idea of the ultimate Creator is different and equally valid.


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Theta healing is based on the idea that people subconsciously bring negative and limiting energy into their lives, not on purpose, but as a product of our experiences.  We all hold ideas in our minds and bodies that may limit our ability to live harmonious and peaceful lives. Whether it’s a fear of the unknown, personal insecurities, or a million other ideas, by holding onto these fears, we can cause psychic pain in ourselves that can manifest as emotional and physical pain and disability. Theta healing was developed to heal the psychic and physical pain that exists within us. By learning proper theta meditation techniques, individuals can remove the chains that bind them to negative thought processes and ultimately reach a theta state of mind, which is where profound learning, personal healing, and spiritual growth can occur.

What Exactly Is The Theta State Of Mind, And Why Is It Important?


Technically speaking, brainwaves exist at different frequencies in the brain. Brainwaves are the result of electrical pulses on the neurons within the brain that are affected by our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Our brainwaves can be measured by EEG or electroencephalogram, and from a technical perspective, a theta state of mind would measure a frequency between 4 – 7 Hz.  This is best described as the place that exists between sleep and wakefulness.

Everyone has had an experience while lying in bed, they drift from conscious to subconscious thought, and at times, the thought processes one goes through can be quite deep. That is a brief moment in a theta state of mind.  The idea behind theta meditation is to lower the brain frequency so that the participant hits the theta frequency or a theta state of mind for longer periods.  While in that theta state of mind, people can go through enormous personal growth.  The theta frequency, or theta state, is what unlocks our connection to our subconscious mind, where divinity communication occurs (see Ophanim Angels), where our intuition, creativity, emotions live. As such when given the right meditative tools, individuals can experience deep relaxation and encourage spiritual and physical healing, personal growth, and contentment.

How Can I Learn to Engage In Theta Healing?


Getting into a theta state for meditation takes practice. There’s a program that has created specific meditative techniques to help people reach the Seventh plane of existence, and connect with the Archangel Michael and the rest of the major archangels (we’ll talk about this program at the end of this reading). It is in this place where amazing energy exists and healing can occur.

While there’s a lot to learn to truly understand all aspects of theta healing, learning simple meditation techniques is a great start. The meditation process is designed to help people get outside of themselves by visualizing travel through the universe to distant cosmos and through a portal that leads you to the Angelic realm. For some, the Archangels may take human form, and for others, it is a simple bright light or a physical manifestation of energy. How people see their angels isn’t as important as finding that place where you can easily experience a true connection with your guardian angels and Archangels.

For individuals unfamiliar with meditation techniques, using some outside triggers or influences can help you learn how to get into a Theta state easier. Many people use a metronome or binaural beats to calm the mind and focus. To get into a meditative state, it is important to quiet the mind, relax and focus on your natural breathing, and how each part of your body feels as you take in and exhale each breath. Try to keep your mind free of any intrusive thoughts and ideas, and simply listen to the sound of your breathing. Feel your lungs fill with air, and notice how your body responds as you exhale.  As you reach a meditative state, your mind will drift to deeper thoughts, just like when you are in between sleep and wakefulness in your bed.

Basic Theta Healing Prayers And Meditations


As you get more comfortable with meditation, there are guided prayers to help you reach that level of enlightenment to connect with higher realms, where guardian angels and archangels reside… Once you can reach this divine energy, and exist here in the theta realm, you can begin to heal past hurts, develop your creative mind, and heal the psychic pain that keeps you from being your best self.

The words you choose don’t have to be perfect or exact. The focus of a theta prayer is to become centered, connect with the Divine Energy of our Creator, and feel the love our Creator and the archangels have for us. As you get comfortable slipping in and out of a theta healing state, you will learn to focus your thoughts and meditation specifically to meet the goals in your life, live in an abundance of love, and positive energy. What words you choose to get there can be your theta healing prayer.

Existing In The Theta Realm

After practicing meditation techniques, and getting better versed on how to achieve a theta healing state, many find that in times of stress, worry, or illness, spending extended periods of meditation in the theta realm is beneficial and healing, promotes relaxation and has positive effects on the physical body.  Similar to the idea of lucid dreaming, it takes a lot of practice to be able to reach the Theta Realm quickly and easily at will, but once you are comfortable with the processes that take you there, you will experience the many benefits of theta healing.

The invitation today is to take action and start your theta healing journey. We have prepared a presentation about how through prayer and meditation you can enter to this divine theta state to raise your mind and soul to new levels of divine enlightenment. It is a guide that shows you how to establish a connection with the angelic realm and manifest miracles and blessings. Tap here to start the presentation.