10 Reasons Why You Should Connect With Archangel Azrael

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Among all angels of heaven, Archangel Azrael is the most intriguing, mind-boggling, and mysterious being ever seen. In Islam, he is an angel of death although he is quite a benevolent type. In Hebrew tradition, he is Angel of God and knows all about the ultimate Supreme and the ways and means of the Universe that contains all other mysteries.

In other words, if you know Archangel Azrael then you know the essence of God and all His might. He is also seen to be the confidential character that keeps all of God’s secrets (same as Archangel Raziel). Therefore, over some time, it has been seen that to approach and harness some of these quintessentially powerful benefits, you need to be well connected to him.

Archangel Azrael is a benevolent angel and if you can keep a good rapport with him through Archangel Azrael prayer, there is no end to these benefits.

Below are 10 reasons why you ought to connect with Archangel Azrael such that you too get maximum benefits during your lifetime on earth.



1. Archangel Azrael Produces Calming Effect On Human Bodies


One of the top reasons that you would like to connect with Archangel Azrael is that he brings calmness into your disposition. You feel the change being brought forth the moment you begin to experience that soothing connect with Azrael. This is at once achieved through effective prayers as a medium of meditation and by genuinely expressing your desire to seek him within the depths of your inner heart. This would enable you to get rid of your pain and suffering from various diseases.

It is foremost to make him feel, without any reservation, that you are genuinely approaching him. If he thinks that you are doing so with earnest repetition of his name then his aura will appear before you. Soon you may begin to realize that your pain is slowly going and you also find out that your headache and migraines have disappeared.

If you have been suffering from sinus problems, that would go off much to your astonishment. In other words, problems with any part of your body and mind would be healed the moment grace of Azrael falls on you. This would also include the innermost organs of your body (you may be interested in Archangel Raguel).

2. Freeing Air Passage In Your Throat And Crown Chakra


Perhaps this is one of the top reasons as to why you ought to connect with Archangel Azrael. It is seen that the throat is related to sound. This helps the passage of air through it and this, therefore, creates vibration and sends the same into the air. It naturally follows that the human voice ought to be in the right vibration to mingle in the air with other voices on the same friendly and benevolent level.

It is believed that crown chakra is located on the head and therefore gets activated with a positive flow of energy the moment we enter into deep meditation. This is often known as a higher state of consciousness when we realize that we have started getting knowledge about God and the Universe. This also means that your crown chakra has become receptive and open to high levels of spiritual perception.

3. Archangel Raziel Helps You Raise Your Spiritual Level With Occult Knowledge


You are constantly bombarded with negative influences and destructive and opportunistic attitudes of others in the society you live in. This creates tension in your mind and you get your spirit in a distressed state. Being connected with Archangel Azrael you get rid of your metaphysical and dark barriers that always lead away from absolute truth.

You are guided to higher realms of spiritual path far away from the uncertain materialistic path you have been leading with help of occult knowledge (see: Ophanim Angels). You would also be able to improve upon your perception of all that is divine and good and therefore make marked progress in areas of art and spiritual endeavors. With the help of Azrael dark angels, he begins to send you signals and knowledge about all these.

4. Inherent Extrasensory Perception And Overall Development


All human beings have their strengths and if one has a weakness in one or more areas then there is always the reciprocal strength in another area. However, the saddest part is that a good part of the human population does not understand their inherent extrasensory perception that if utilized in areas of their strength could transform their life and career.

Hence, invoking Archangel Azrael would remove your doubts and cloud of confusion and enable your mind to locate your extrasensory perception quite easily. You will soon enough realize how you may utilize your skills in a positive way for the betterment of humanity.

There are special prayers sessions and other spiritual guidance methods that will enable you to connect with Azrael to pave way for psychic opening.

5. Laws of Attraction And Manifestation Levels


You will find this as one of the top reasons for invoking Archangel Azrael. The laws of attraction are a powerful tool that takes you to very high levels of manifestation. When you realize or receive it by invoking the blessings of Azrael you begin to achieve the highest light from the realms of which you can do many wonders.

You are brought to the next level of realm wherein you eradicate superficial things and crude materialistic and opportunistic paths such that you realize the true powers of manifestation. These powers are yours once you invoke Azrael and seek his blessings and later may utilize these for greater gains through laws of attraction.

The aura of Archangel Azrael would come gushing out as your relation with him improves and whereby you may see yourself passing into a high level of divinity. This would clear out all darkness of your life and spread daylight as the divine aura would shine up everything in and around you (Archangel Barachiel could help you attract prosperity and abundance to your life as well).

6. Archangel Azrael Is The Easiest Archangel To Invoke And Seek Blessings


Although known as Angel of Death in many ancient texts, Archangel Azrael has been known to be one of the most powerful of angels of God. Since he is easy to have access to enough mysteries surrounding him he also acts like one who has one of the greatest abilities to transfer any benefits. You may even connect with him by imagining the Archangel Azrael symbol in your mind.

Being associated with both life and death has its own merits in the world of Archangels of which Azrael is the best approachable archangel in heaven. Although all Archangels have their specialties for transferring blessings to those that seek, Azrael has powers that overlap many of such specialties making his knowledge about all that is Supreme and Godly.

It is seen that all Archangels work their expertise in conjunction with other Archangels. It is Azrael that has an edge over them as he is involved in both spiritual development of souls to occult knowledge and much more. He has never been known to be tired of anyone that seeks his blessings and is constantly on the move to make the earth and all its human beings to have a fulfilling life of love, success, and compassion.

7. Three Cycles Of Rhythmic Contacts For Happy Life And Career


This is perhaps a very important reason for the vast majority of people that would love to find good progress in their day to day lives as well as have a great career. It is therefore quite important for people aspiring good and sustainable career goals to be connected with Azrael as he would offer to help them in the same physical, emotional and intellectual levels. These are the three cycles of rhythmic contacts that help you achieve your goals for a good and just career so that you are guided to follow the right paths and avoid all wrong ones.

While following these cycles Azrael would guide you to have a peaceful married life or find proper partners for your life with the help of biological rhythms. It is through proper linkages with biorhythms you can improve your positive potentials for planning a long and sustainable future.

By connecting with Azrael you have this linkage to other specialists of the Angelic world, yet it is he that can easily be counted to do so with ease. This kind of connection is also famously known as Biorhythmic Compatibility. After achieving this level you take care to look for only that kind of friendship or loved ones that are on the same footing in emotional, intellectual, and physical levels. It is here that you need maximum guidance for a highly successful career too.

In case you make wrong friends or colleagues, it may have a devastating effect on your career, character, and relationships (Archangel Sandalphon helps you find compatible humans with your aura).

8. Reliable During Difficulties And Risky Moments Of Life


Archangel Azrael has yet another important quality in him when you seek him for blessings. This is his extraordinary quality of logic and reasoning. He can help you in very difficult circumstances if your stand is quite clear and that you have not transgressed others by putting them in difficulties (You may be interested in learning more about Archangel Muriel).

Most importantly, he would guide you to mold your character to that level where you can easily face burdens and challenges without any fear. Azrael is perhaps the only Archangel that has unique powers to make you understand the relation between mind and happiness, and therefore you can extricate yourself from negative doings. He guides you to better paths before you take any steps towards greed, caprice, or other vicious elements of modern life.

9. Best Companion During Moments Of Solitude And Loneliness


You may have everything you had wanted in life, yet you may still feel lonely and separated (see Archangel Cassiel). It is here you may need a companion and you will find Archangel Azrael acting like one and appearing or making selective responses to make you feel that all is not lost and you still have someone to rely upon.

He is best to connect with for he, along with other angels including archangel seraphim, can take you to a height of bliss and happiness.

10. Archangel Azrael Keeps Your Karma In Balance


When you are in a world that is materialistic and fraught with the dangers of cheating, greed, and other malicious human tendencies you may need to find your balance. If you don’t attain this balance your life would go haywire and you will land in a quagmire of an inextricable mess, confusion, and ultimately defeat. This is where you have to find your karma in balance.

Archangel Azrael guides you with a good deal of compassion and firmness to achieve this mental state wherein you experience a new feel of this world and all that belongs and doesn’t belong to you.

Since Azrael is closely associated with death, as he is the angel of death, you may easily see that it is he who knows the exact reason for life and death and therefore knows the right path to achieve what you had set out to do. He understands the soul better than anyone and helps them on their feet when they have been driven down by distress and failure.

Connecting With Archangel Azrael

As stated earlier, it’s quite easy to connect with Archangel Azrael but this is not by engaging in any casual methods. You must have completed discipline of mind and consistency while praying every single day of the session. You must be constantly thinking and praying to him during other activities including meditation sessions.

Such prayers should come right from the base of your heart without any reservations. It should be focused on a clear message of gratitude that he has so far showered on you. Once you are ready with a selfless quest then Azrael appears before you through many of his divine graces that you may often see in a small miracle in your daily life and thereby have knowledge of Azrael meaning in your own life.


The top ten reasons are of prominence to instigate you into action whereby you develop the knowledge of the ways and means of the Universe. With consistent action to invoke Archangel Azrael, you are taken to the next level of human understanding and of spirituality and grace of God.

You have your disciplines to follow as a path to guide you to your better self as it opens before you, being unmindful of the results of success that you are guided towards by his powerful guidance. Every single step that you take in your life would seem to be under his firm resolve to make your life and that of your loved ones in ease.

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