Is Lucifer An Archangel – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Have you wondered about the real origin of Lucifer? If you are a fan of mythology, you would know the status and importance that archangels hold. For those who are not, archangels do exist! Each of them has a unique aura and the ability to bless and protect you in infinite ways. There are many chief archangels, but is he one of them?

Several names throughout history know him. Some call him a fallen angel while others call him a demon. So, is Lucifer an archangel, or is he the Devil himself? Be it in Greek mythology or Christianity, Islamic history, or Hebrew; he is known to be the greatest Devil of all times!


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He is Satan, who was cast out of heaven by God after losing the title of ‘archangel.’ It can be said that he was among the chief angels until he became the fallen one. Lucifer is the personification of pure evil. However, he wasn’t like that since birth.

Read on to know how Lucifer became the Devil that he is today and ways to protect yourself from the evil being.


Who Is Lucifer? – The Biblical And Historical Framework

The word Lucifer refers to ‘the shining one’ or ‘the morning star.’ So how did it associate itself with the Devil or the evil one?

The Historic Context

According to classic mythology, Lucifer was the name of the fourth star—Venus. The planet usually appears at dawn, and so, the name—the morning star. Some know him as the son of Aurora—the goddess of dawn and Cephalus.

Another ancient religion—Canaanite, believes that Attar was the morning star. He wanted to dethrone Ba’al and occupy his supreme place. However, he failed to do so, and as a result, fell from the heavens. He later ruled the underworld.

The Bogomil text talks about a similar incident. Only here, Lucifer was the elder brother of Jesus—both of whom held high stature. The former angel left the heavens and came down to establish a new kingdom. Lucifer misled and trapped souls, which is why Jesus had to descend to the Earth and rescue them.

Who Is Lucifer In the Bible?

The Bible doesn’t use the term ‘Lucifer,’ instead calls Satan with names such as the morning star or the son of the dawn. He is known to be the true epitome of beauty as well as purity. Still, his actions lead to him being cast out of the heavens.

God made Adam the second-most intelligent being and gave him a stature higher than that of angels. All of the beings present in heaven were commanded to bow down in front of Adam, to which Lucifer refused. As a result, he was thrown out of the heavens.

The adversary of God then took the vow of misleading every follower of good. The Devil challenged God that he will rise above all the creatures, living or dead, attaining the highest stature possible.

One such incident is from the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve resided. They were forbidden by God to consume the fruit of one particular tree. Lucifer came to them in the form of a serpent and deceived them into eating from that same tree.

As a result, Adam and Eve were cast out of the heavens and were forced to reside on the Earth. Since then, Lucifer has been misleading innocent people as well as giving birth to those known as the demon kids.

Along with his followers, he has been spreading evil in the world in the war against good.

Symbols Of Lucifer – Everything You Need to Know

The definition of pure evil and deceit, Lucifer, is often depicted to have a grotesque expression. His aura is negative and strong, like that of fire. Earlier, the Archangel was referred to as the torchbearer. Once cast out of the heavens, Lucifer used his exemplary power to create and spread evil.

He was known to have a bright face, brimming with positivity and intelligence. However, Lucifer’s deeds and the present-day nature makes black his energy color. He is known to have a goat-like face, along with horns and a tail in modern times.

The evil being has several symbols associated with him, some of which are as follows.

The Sigil Of Lucifer

It is the official seal or stamp of the Devil, which is used by several Satanists. The figure is an inverted triangle with a big ‘X’ and a ‘V’ at the bottom. The Sigil of Lucifer holds the utmost importance for those who pray to the Lord of the Demons.

The Pentagram

It is an ancient symbol wherein a circle encloses a five-pointed star. This symbol was earlier used to describe the five wounds of Jesus in Christianity. However, in the present-day scenario, the Pentagram is used in witchcraft and is the symbol of Satan or Lucifer.

The Inverted Cross

The cross is the greatest and holiest symbol of Christianity. Saint Peter chose to be crucified upside-down, as according to him, he did not deserve a death similar to Christ. Later, this symbol was taken up by the followers of Satan to protest against the religion.


According to the New Testament, the thirteenth chapter of Revelation symbolizes ‘666’ as the Devil’s number. It is widely adopted as the anti-Christ of Satanic symbols.

5 Intriguing Facts About Lucifer – The Fallen Archangel

Did you know the meaning and representation of these symbols? When it comes to Lucifer, these are not the only things you were not aware of. There’s a whole lot of interesting facts that you probably haven’t heard or read of.

To feed your curiosity, here are 5 intriguing facts about Lucifer—the fallen Archangel.

Lucifer Is Not Omnipotent

Despite his unimaginably-strong powers, Lucifer is not all-powerful, i.e., he is not Omnipotent. He is indeed capable of deflecting you from the right path. However, the adversary was also created by God himself, just like you. Your will to choose the righteous path and can defeat him.

Lucifer does not hold the power of knowing everything, which means he is not all-knowing or omniscient. Knowing what’s going on throughout the world and in all the realms is only possible by the Lord himself.

The other power that he does not have is being omnipresent. This means he cannot be present at all places at the same time. That said, you must know that Lucifer has an army of millions of beings who roam around just like you.

Lucifer Is More Powerful Than You

The fact that Lucifer does not hold a higher stature than God is unparalleled. However, you cannot underestimate his powers. Lucifer was once an archangel, which makes him one of the chief angels. He had the intelligence and strength of the highest order.

Though God created Adam to be the most intelligent of all creatures, even angels, his capabilities were limited. The adversary has been practicing and spreading evil since the birth of humans. His power of manipulation, lying, and misleading are unprecedented.

Lucifer is the Lord of all evil. Though it is easy for him to lead you in the wrong direction, strong willpower can help you fight him. You do not need to fear him as long as you hold to yourself. Additionally, you can seek the help of other archangels. Read on to the last section to know more.

Lucifer Took One-Third Of The Angels With Him

Lucifer had challenged the Almighty to create an army of followers that is bigger than His. According to the twelfth chapter of Revelation, Satan dragged one-third of the stars of the heavens. These stars fell to the Earth (see: Archons Evil entities that feed on your Aura’s energy).

This verse is interpreted to conclude that Lucifer took some angels to the Earth. When he was being thrown out of the heavens, he convinced others to go along with him. These angels were the first of demons who followed Lucifer in his evil acts.

Interesting Names Of Lucifer

You may not be aware that the evil king is known by over ten names in the Bible and other scriptures. Everyone knows that he is the Devil, but you may not know why he is called the ‘Adversary.’ It means the opponent or the one who causes conflict. He is the clear adversary of God.

Apart from that, Lucifer is known as ‘The God of this Age.’ The one who has blinded people, making them follow the wrong path. Lucifer’s other names are ‘Accuser of the Brethren,’ ‘Prince and Power of the Air,’ Deceiver of This World.’

The article has already mentioned names like ‘The Morning Star’ and ‘The Son of Dawn,’ along with its reasons. Some other names that are directly linked with the notorious actions of Lucifer are:

  • Thief
  • Murderer
  • The Father of Lies
  • Serpent
  • The Tempter

Lucifer Is Bound To Get Defeated

In spite of his eternal cosmic power over darkness and evil, Lucifer is bound to get defeated. Satan has permission to do everything he wills. He is allowed to cause as much chaos on Earth as he can. He leads people to lie, fall prey to seduction, murder, theft, and much more.

According to the first few chapters of Genesis, Lucifer is bound to get defeated. His existence will be completely swept-off from this world. Irrespective of the wrongdoings that he spreads, the goodwill win in the war between the good and the evil.

Lucifer will be thrown in the river of fire, marking the end of evilness in the world.

Protect Yourself From Lucifer – The EndNote

Lucifer is powerful yet not omnipotent and also not omnipresent, yet his followers are present everywhere (learn more about Angel Sariel and Remiel – two of the most powerful fallen angels apart from Lucifer). Though he is stronger than you, you do not need to be afraid of the Devil. There are several other Archangels who hold strong powers for the good of humanity.

The seven archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Selaphiel, Gabriel, and Barachiel, hold exquisite cosmic powers. Seeking the light and guidance of these angels of heaven can help you ward off evil. They can protect you against the father of all evil—Lucifer.

So, how do you invoke the archangels? Each Archangel has a unique way of being called upon. You can invite them through sincere meditation while you chant the mantras associated with them. However, getting access to all the information about the archangels can be challenging.

Here is an MP3 enclosing the complete guide to invite each of these angels. You can gain access to this mp3, completely for free. From preparing the altar to the timings, chants, and meditation methods, it will help you call upon your chosen Archangel.

With these guides’ support, you can conduct a successful session to learn from the archangels themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Tap here to take the first step towards protecting yourself from Lucifer!