Is Castiel An Archangel? 5 Facts – Supernatural Series


Is Castiel an Archangel?

If you have watched or heard of the fantasy show Supernatural, you must know about the character on the show called Castiel, played by actor Misha Collins. In the show, the character Castiel is not an archangel. He is a seraph currently who was formerly an angel and even a human for a short period. The character of Castiel is based on Archangel Cassiel, who appears in extracanonical Christian, Jewish, and Islamic mystical and magical works, often as one of the Seven Archangels.

Castiel, on the show, becomes a Seraph from an angel after God resurrects him from the dead when Lucifer kills him. He later also refers to himself as a Seraph in a later episode. Seraphs are higher classes of angels, above the angels in the hierarchy, but under archangels.


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Seraphs are powerful, and their powers are not fully derived from heaven. This means they do not lose their powers if banished or cut-off from heaven. While being powerful and more powerful than other angels (except for archangels), they have all the same powers and weaknesses every angel has inherently.

5 Similarities Between Castiel And Archangel Cassiel

Although the show supernatural deviates from the actual meanings and stories of angels, there are some similarities and comparisons that can be drawn from the two angels. If you look closely and examine the details of each of them, you will be surprised to find some things in common! Read on to find out what they are.

1. Abilities

Archangel Cassiel is associated with Kefitzat Haderech. It is a Jewish Kabbalistic term that means “contracting the path.” This allows Archangel Cassiel to travel through space and time with great speed. Castiel in Supernatural also can teleport anywhere in existence in a matter of seconds. He has also transported groups of people.

Castiel also has some ability to bend time and does travel to the past, although it does prove to be strenuous and is only done occasionally. For example, in the episode You Can’t Handle The Truth in season 6, he searches an entire city rapidly in seconds!

Archangel Cassiel is known as the observer, as an angel that witnesses and absorbs the workings of God and the universe. He possesses a vast knowledge of all the beings and workings of all in existence. Castiel also has a lot of knowledge about the universe. He knows a lot about the occult, lore, spells, and even the structure and defenses of Hell.

Like all angels, Archangel Cassiel and Castiel from the show can hear the prayers of human beings. This allows them to hear people’s plights and desires and even lets them locate the person as Castiel does in the show. In both the show and real life, the way one prays and connects with Archangel Cassiel and Castiel is not very formal or complex. One just needs to say a simple prayer and feel the need to connect.

2. Assigned Roles

Archangel Cassiel is known as the Watcher or the Observer, who has been banned in Kabbalistic texts from interfering in the human world. All he does is sit and look at the workings of the world while being detached from it. He is unable to come in and make any changes to our lives or destinies directly.

This is very similar to the history of angel Castiel as in the show, before joining Sam and Dean, he was a part of a garrison, which is a group of angels that have been assigned a task. The garrison he had been assigned to had to watch over humanity for 2000 years without ever visiting Earth. When the original leader fell, Castiel took charge of keeping a watch over humanity.

Both Archangel Cassiel and Castiel have had positions of solitude and loneliness, where all they can do is watch and learn about the universe and humanity without interacting with them. This is also why Castiel has this detached air when dealing with human beings. He loves humanity because he has watched over it for so long, but is aloof because he has not been in contact with them for centuries.

3. Similar History

Archangel Cassiel, along with Archangel Sandalphon and Metatron, is one of the few archangels that was a human first. He was first human and then transcended into the form of an angel.

Although Castiel starts as a regular angel, he does become human for a brief while. This occurred when he was stripped of his grace by Metatron. He wanders the Earth as a human being and understands and gets closer to humanity during these three months. He then regains his angelic status again by taking the grace of Angel Theo.

Thus, both Archangel Cassiel and Castiel have the experience of being mortals and angels both.

4. Personality

The traits connected with Saturn, which Cassiel helps rule, are temperance, moderation, prudence, and self-control. This virtue is an Ancient Greek concept of a great character known as “sophrosyne.” Archangel Cassiel is known for these traits, which label him as lonely, detached, and unemotional.

This is very similar to Castiel’s personality on Supernatural. Castiel, when he is introduced on the show, has an unemotional, detached quality that angels have. He is level-headed and monotonous, showing little in the way of high or low emotions. His role is to help Dean to control his actions and introduce serenity to his character, although Dean’s qualities do rub off on him as the show goes on.

Since Castiel had been disconnected from the human race for so long like Archangel Cassiel, this explains his awkwardness and his confusion about human behavior and interactions. He slowly starts warming up to human beings as the show progresses, but he starts detached and is dumbfounded by human actions like voicemails and white lies.

Both Archangel Cassiel and Castiel are known as being “unusual” angels, due to their detachment from humanity.

5. Relationship With Humans

Archangel Cassiel comes to provide strength and support to people who are lost, alone, and in despair. He cannot directly intervene, but he can provide guidance and strength to those who are in dire need.

This matches the role of Castiel, who is introduced to Dean and Sam and comes to their help several times when they are in difficult situations. They often pray and call out to him, seeking his help.

Both Archangel Cassiel and Castiel come to the service of those who ask of them and who are facing very troublesome situations. The only difference is, Archangel Cassiel does not intervene directly to change destiny.

The Spiritual Side Of Castiel And Supernatural


Although Supernatural and Castiel are pure fiction, Archangel Cassiel is a true divine entity in which Castiel is based on. There’s a whole spiritual world in which the angelic realm plays a role. Learning more about this divine realm could open your soul to new levels of enlightenment and consciousness. Archangel Cassiel comes in and provides reassurance and guidance when you feel lost, you feel like your world is ending, you have suffered a great loss or any similar feelings. He comes to the aid of people who feel lonely or isolated and can boost auras and connect you with compatible people.

He also is known as the angel of the sea, who you can call to protect you on your journeys across the water. If you have ever wanted to pray for departed souls who did not repent before their end, you can pray to Archangel Cassiel to assist them on their new path after their passing. Cassiel also helps balance your karma and acts as an inner voice, guiding you to make decisions that will better your karma in the long run.

If you desire luck and fortune, you can ask Archangel Cassiel for help as he also rules over games that include chance and luck.

Summing Up

The invitation today is to go beyond Castiel, Supernatural, and the fiction stories that are inspired in the angelic realm and If by reading about Archangel Cassiel, you feel the need to connect with him and ask for his guidance and seek his blessings, you can do so easily.

Reaching out to him does not require any fancy steps or prayers, he comes to those who need him and recites simple prayers. We have a prayer available on our website to contact Cassiel, and you can even subscribe to get a free .mp3 meditation session if you want to get into the right mindset to connect with any Archangel you wish to. Tap here to claim your Free MP3 angel session.