How To Pray To Archangel Samael? — The Complete Guide

Are you facing problems in your life? Do you want to connect with one of the greatest cosmic angels to enlighten your path? Archangel Samael, the mighty, charismatic, and wise angel, will offer you complete protection and help you uplift your spiritual level (see how Archangel Muriel can help you during challenging times).

Samael can travel across realms, passing through the veils of the universe. He is charming, creative, and at the same time, seductive. Praying and connecting with Samael can give you the power of ascending to new spiritual heights.


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This article will show you the detailed steps to meditate and connect with the true adversary of the Abrahamic religion. Read ahead to know more about who is Samael, and how can praying to this Archangel benefit your mind and soul!


Who Is Samael?

Prince of the fifth heaven, Samael, is one of the seven Archangels. These angels are highly-ranked, holding a special status in the enchanted skies. Samael projects true power, wrath, vigor, and intelligence.

Each Archangel has a planet affiliated to them. Samael is the Archangel of Mars. He is the angel of death and accuser of the wrongdoers. Samael bestowed his powerful wrath upon Job and wrestled with Jacob, injuring him. Such incidents are proof of his majestic strength and power (Archangel Azrael is also considered Archangel of death).

Although mistaken to be known as Satan or the devil, Samael is neither of these. He does not believe in manifesting evil, instead follows the commands of God. He never agreed to bow in front of anyone but the almighty. Refusing to bow to Adam, Samael was sent down to the Earth, where he married Lilith. Since then, he has existed as the angel of death and accuser of sins (Lilith is the mother of Mazikeen).

Despite his sinful job, Samael holds the power of manifesting positive energy. The Archangel Samael has the flair of differentiating the wrong from the right. He can make you aware of your sins, delusion, and pretense, guiding you towards the spiritual path. Let us read more about how Archangel Samael elevates your spiritual status.

How Can Archangel Samael Uplift Your Spiritual Level?


Archangel Samael is the epitome of energy. He can travel the Sefirotic as well as the Qliphothic spheres. These are the two realms or the two trees that are quite the opposite of each other. While Sefirot is the realm of purity and holy spirits, Qliphoth is the realm of evil spirits.

Establishing a connection with Samael can give you the power to travel across both the realms. When you meditate and invoke the Archangel Samael, he will help you to unravel your Ajna Chakra. It is the vision through which you can reach your subconscious. It gives you the power to tap your inner intuition, enhancing your senses.

Praying to Samael to wash you with his essence will let you tap into inaccessible domains. He will help you harness strength from the spiritual world. You will have complete control over your psychic senses, superconscious, will, and much more.

The Sefirot

It is the sphere of divine creativity. Connecting will Samael can let you touch the attributes of this spiritual world. The Sefirot has ten illuminations of the almighty’s light. They all refer to connection with the almighty. Consciousness, intellect, wisdom, understanding, kindness, discipline, victory, beauty, crown, and kingship are the ten Sefirot.

The Qliphoth

This is where the true reign of Samael lies. Qliphoth is the realm of the unholy, the impure spiritual forces. Samael is the Angel of War and Destruction, the ruler of Mars. At the same time, Samael is the Angel of Wisdom and Lust. He is the protector against all evil.

Thus, the Archangel Samael is both pure and impure. He is the manifestation of light and darkness. Associated with both the known and the unknown. Knower of the right and the wrong. Building a connection by invoking the Archangel Samael will let you reach both the worlds.

Pray to him, and he will bless you with wisdom, courage, and protect you from all evil! When you meditate and invoke the powerful and ancient spirit, Samael will give you a Mark of Cain.

Mark of Cain

This mark creates a strong aura of energy and spirituality around your body. With this mark on your body, a cocoon of intense energy forms around you. It is the strongest during Ajna Chakra.

With this mark on your body, you will be able to feel the Archangel’s might and charisma all around you.

Archangel Samael’s Connection With Mars


Aligned with the ancient red planet—Mars, Samael has a strong connection with it. Mars is the red planet, and that is the color affiliated with the Archangel Samael. As red symbolizes power and energy, that is what you feel once Samael is invoked.

Also known as the Venom of God, Samael is linked with the element of fire, again displaying his connection with red. The ruler of war, mortality, and flame has a strong, intense, and powerful presence. You will get the feeling of liberty as well as wisdom. The energy around you will be hot, like a warrior.

Invoking Samael on a Tuesday is the best option since Mars is at the correct position on that day. The hour of the dawn will maximize the effect of your invocation. However, the best hours are the 1st and 8th hour of the day and 3rd and 10th hour of the night.

Coming to the astrological signs, Samael aligns with Aries and Scorpio. Therefore, it is best if you invoke the Archangel when Mars enters Scorpio.

Other Associations With Archangel Samael

Apart from days, astrological signs, and planets, there are several plants, animals, and other aspects of the association. You can use these objects to elevate your meditation and invocation of Samael.

•    Animals: Scorpion, wolf, bear
•    Herbs: Coriander, ginger, cinnamon, wormwood, wild rose
•    Metals: Iron, brass, bronze
•    Trees and plants: Hawthorne, acacia, rowan, mistletoe
•    Crystals: Bloodstone, diamond, topaz
•    Colors: Red (main), white

Having known the various associated objects, let us go ahead towards learning about the Archangel Samael prayer and meditation. Read on to know the step-by-step procedure of calling upon the angel of death, wisdom, and power.

How To Meditate And Connect With Archangel Samael?


To call upon the Archangel Samael, you need to be ready in advance. Prepare a Martian incense using red peppers, rose petals, basil, and cinnamon, wrapped in a tobacco pipe or another type of pipe. Instead of putting them in a pipe, you can opt to place them on burning charcoal.

Next, you need to prepare the seals of Samael. You can either buy them from an online website or make them at home. You can easily DIY with cartridge paper. Additionally, applying the Archangel Samael’s oil on your body and surroundings. It can be available in stores or e-commerce websites.

Performing this ritual on Tuesday is the best, at the hour of dawn. Wear a white or red robe and get ready for the invocation. With the essentials ready, let us go ahead and start the invocation process (you may be interested: How to invoke Archangel Jophiel during the full moon):

1. Pre-requisites

Make sure you are wearing red or white. Go out at dawn to perform the invocation.

2. Set the Altar

Cover a table with white or red cloth and place the following items on the table.

•    The Incense
•    Samael’s seals
•    2 Red candles
•    Bloodstone
•    Chalice of Wine
•    Meat
•    Dagger or anything made of iron/steel
•    Image of the Archangel Samael

3. Light the Candles

Once your altar is set, light up the candles and the incense to begin the process. Bring your focus on the candle flame and think about the Archangel Samael.

4. Start the Chant

Feel the energy from the flame. Open your mind and body to harness the energy around you. Imagine the energy flowing in your body, from head to toe. Visualize the red and yellow flame all around you, engulfing your aura. Repeat the chant:

Samael, Shemal, Saklas, Chavayoth

5. Perform the Invocation and Archangel Samael Prayer

Once you feel the energy around, and think you are ready, start the invocation process. Repeat the Archangel Samael Prayer again and again:

O Samael, the eternal, all-powerful being. I invoke you. The angel of light and darkness, the knower of right and wrong, the wise, the truthful.

Come upon me and protect me from all evil. Hear my prayer and wash me in your essence. Illuminate my path and liberate my mind. Embrace my soul and mind. Guide me towards consciousness and intellect, oh divine! Fill my aura with positive energy and creativity. Give me physical strength and courage. Let your wisdom guide me and let your strength protect me.

6. Open Yourself to Energy

Eat and drink from the offering. Lie down or stand up with your arms open. Let the energy flow through your body. Take it in through your arms. Manifest it in your mind and let it go towards your feet. Let Mars fill you with positivity and creativity and enhance your consciousness. Embrace the Archangel in front of you, or let him communicate through your mind.

Connection With The Archangel Samael

Once your connection is established, you can communicate with the Archangel. He will start by accusing you of your misconceptions and false beliefs. The knower of right and wrong will guide you to overcome your weaknesses and fears and achieve a state of liberation.

Some people may fall into greed and use the Archangel’s power for the wrong. They will be punished, and that is his duty. However, he will teach you to be righteous and lead you to wisdom. It will help you overcome your confusion and problems.

He is very protective and at the same time, a harsh teacher. Connecting with him will take you to great spiritual heights!

Final Thoughts

You must regularly meditate and pray to improve your communication power with the Archangel Samael. When you start meditating, you will feel your aura gaining positive energy with every passing day. You will get closer to your inner consciousness, and your mind will be clear about what is right and what is wrong.

Having connected with Samael, you can harness your creativity and wisdom into doing good for yourself as well as others. Make sure that you do not fall for taking the wrong advantage of your spiritual power.

For a successful connection, you must go about correctly with the invocation process. Following the step-by-step meditating ritual along with reciting the Archangel, Samael Prayer is necessary. Another important aspect to enhance your meditation is chanting mantras.

To understand the process, listen to the mp3 meditation guide. It will lead you and enhance your invocation and praying experience. Moreover, it can help you bring consistency in your meditating sessions. With the clear mp3 guide, it will be easy for you to embrace the spiritual heights. What’s more? It is completely free.

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