5 Steps To Get Angelic Shielding Connecting With Archangel Metatron


First Things First: Who is Archangel Metatron Or Metatron Angel?

While most people are familiar with the Main Major Archangels like St Michael the Archangel or Uriel, more divine healers have the same or even more power. This is the case of Archangel Metatron or Metatron Angel. He is one of the few who were first human beings. As a man, he was known as the prophet Enoch. He became a divine entity once he arose to heaven.

The same happened later to the prophet Elijah who is now known as Archangel Sandalphon. Due to having experienced all his first life as a human being, he can understand and connect easily with us, understanding our common problems and issues of our daily life. He has a special ability to relate to people who want to connect with him.


Archangel Metatron Healing

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We all have to face difficult times. It is a test God and the universe give to you. These difficulties can be financial, health, etc. If you’re having financial troubles I highly recommend you to connect with Barachiel who can help you with your economic crisis. Beyond that, our lives are in constant danger, however, we can’t just isolate ourselves or let these problems defeat our souls. Metatron Angel is an excellent healer during difficult times.

There are many things you can make in order to win the battle against your problems. But, is there any SPECIFIC divine protection we can get and angelic cleansing we can perform? God’s authority (through the power of the Archangels) goes much beyond any problem in the physical realm. We’re going to tell you specific steps you can apply to obtain Archangel Metatron’s cleansing and protection against any disease, or trouble you’re currently facing.

You may be wondering why Archangel Metatron or Metatron Angel could give you protection against any disease? Here’s why:

Metatron Angel Brings Peace And Balance

One of the most key tasks Metatron Angel performs is to maintain the balance of many different universes, but he especially helps humanity to bring balance to the earth and our universe. He is focused on bringing the Light where there are negative and unhealthy energies.

Archangel Metatron is in charge of justice and peace. He helps us to find emotional balance during difficult situations and crises. It is important to maintain emotional stability and self-peace. Connecting with Archangel Metatron will help us gain more clarity and a sense of self.

During any crisis, it is important to find a proper balance between service-to-self and service-to-others which is what He is intended to do within our souls. Archangel Metatron wants us to seek greater balance, harmony, serenity, and contentment. This way, we can maintain minimum levels of stress, and stay physically and mentally healthy. (You may also be interested in Connecting With Archangel Raguel)

Metatron Angel’s Supernatural Healing Powers

There have been many “healing experiments” applied for those who have proven strong connections with Archangel Metatron. One of these healing experiments was applied by me to a person that had been diagnosed with cancer. During the session, I stood outside for over an hour with my eyes closed as Mars crossed the sun while meditating. I could transmit a strong aura power in the form of a light to the afflicted person. It was a dark pink light. I told the person what was happening, he just felt it but didn’t see anything. We performed sessions like this for a year.

The healing process of Archangel Metatron started to take effect when the heart and the body of the person was cleansed of all negative energy and corruption. After he completely surrendered his soul and faith to God and the Archangels, the doctors were surprised. The person recovered very quickly, the tumor disappeared quite rapidly. Today at the date this article is written, the person is enjoying good health and manifests having a strong connection with Metatron Angel every day of his life.

Metatron Angel can give you shielding against any disease, and despite all other archangels, he has strong power and a strong understanding of our problems as human beings.

Let’s start with 5 steps to connect with Archangel Metatron and protect your self and your family against diseases:

Archangel Metatron Shielding Meditation

1. Start A Meditation Session

Before starting the following steps to apply Archangel Metatron shielding, please make sure you’re alone at home or in your room. Have at least 30 minutes of meditation as silently as possible. Make some breathing exercises before starting the session. Now follow these steps:

2. Visualize Your Crown Chakra

This is your seventh chakra, which lies at the top of your head. Focus your mind’s eye to see a shiny golden pyramid. Allow all this energy that’s coming through your mind’s eye to pour down and enter through your crown chakra. It should give you a lifting feeling, a sense of protection and sameness.

It is normal to feel strange at this stage but don’t worry. As you lift, focus your feelings, your consciousness starts to increase, you start to hear micro-sounds near your area. Everything starts to become clear in your soul and mind. Open your heart and breathe.

3. Visualize A Waterfall

After you pass the pyramid, you will notice a waterfall of light, shining and shimmering. You can feel the particles of light being sprayed off to your face and body to dissolve any feeling opposite to love.


4. Take A Step Forward

At this stage, you just have to move inside the waterfall. You will feel a burning light trespassing your body and soul. Once you do it you’ll be assisted by angels. Their purpose is to assist you in cleansing and shielding. Keep feeling the light of the waterfall trespassing your Crown Chakra, down through your spinal column. This is lifting. Now you’re cleansed.

5. Archangel Metatron Prayer, Verbal Invocation

The last step in this session is to verbally invoke Metatron Angel. This will conclude the shielding process. When we use prayer when invoking our archangels, we are declaring and giving power to our words which increases our aura levels and our vibrations. Combined with meditation sessions will ensure your connection is strong enough. Also, it is good to add some context – in this case, we want to get protection against any disease. You need to praise with faith and say this Archangel Metatron prayer loud to take effect:

“Beloved Archangel Metatron, thank you for clearing and surrounding me in your Dark Pink and shiny aura, as you clear me of all negative energies and introduce me to high angelic frequencies. Deliver the gifs of soul peace and emotional stability. Balance my 12 chakras with your sacred geometry and powerful energy. Protect me and cleansing against any dark forces and black energy. Give me divine shielding against any threat on the physical plane specially against disease. I declare your angelic shield will be upfront protecting me and in the frontline removing all the negative energy. I declare it, so it is!!!”

After your praise with the prayer above, make some more breathing exercises and finish this uplifting meditation session with abundant water and rest for a couple of hours. You can do this meditation session before going to sleep so you will have time to rest after all the high angelic frequency energy you were exposed to.

With these steps, you will get an extra divine angelic protection against any disease that’s threatening your life. Please share this with your beloved so they can protect themselves too.

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With love and gratitude,

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