Archangel Zadkiel: Mercy And Mind Control

Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian angel of mercy and benevolence. His influence inspires forgiveness, which would help us reach the spiritual freedom we all are looking for. He has a great energetic vibration, similar to Archangel Barachiel, very intense and spiritually uplifting.

If you have a past you want to leave behind or some kind of habit you want to change (connecting with Archangel Jophiel could help you in this matter as well), he is one of those friends you can count with. He will help you release you from it with the healing power of God’s mercy.


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We can find references of Archangel Zadkiel in ancient Judaic texts. He is part of the Kabbalah – it talks of the 10 Sephirots which are chained and connected to higher metaphysical realms. As we have explained in many of our readings, these Sephirots are branches and each branch has a chief Archangel, and a special metaphysical and spiritual energy qualities.

Archangel Zadkiel’s position is the 4th Sephirot which has the unique and special divine quality of mercy. He helps human beings remove selfishness from their inner souls and teaches us to look from the eyes of others, which is necessary to understand other beings, and look at situations with spiritual eyes, so our souls can open the doors of mercy. He also helps by being our lawyer and asking for mercy to God on behalf of our name.

Although Archangel Zadkiel is not specifically mentioned in the bible, he had a crucial role in Abraham’s history. He was able to achieve God’s mercy for Abraham.


Archangel Zadkiel Patron Of Those Who Forgive

Those who stay close to Archangel Zadkiel can easily feel mercy and compassion toward others (similar when you have a strong connection with Archangel Raguel). They develop confidence and counselor skills since they let go of judgment and criticize. He stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac right before his attempt of killing him as an offering to God. That’s why he’s considered to be the archangel of mercy and benevolence.

Archangel Zadkiel is one of the co-chieftains who work with St Michael the Archangel, to fight and defend human being from bad energies and evil plans from demons. He helps us see light and divinity within ourselves and principally within others, instead of focusing on the superficial and materialistic aspects, or the ego.

Connecting With Archangel Zadkiel – How Can You Benefit?

  • In connecting with him you can have the ease of feeling compassion for others. Do you need to forgive somebody? Do you need to reach freedom by letting go of situations from the past? Connecting with archangel Zadkiel is the first step you can perform to help you heal all these things.
  • A very curious benefit of connecting with Archangel Zadkiel is helping you find lost objects, memories, or money, it’s a little kick of fortune he can give you.
  • By helping us control and master our minds, Archangel Zadkiel is a huge help to students, businessmen, entrepreneurs or anyone who needs to have a good memory. If you’re a person who needs to remember important information, connecting with him would help you. There’s also a high chance of intellect increase (see Theta State).

If you want to take advantage of more benefits, you can connect with other major Archangel Names.

Violet Ray

Archangel Zadkiel is known as the Violet Ray archangel. This Ray contains one of the qualities that we need to experience spiritual enlightenment. God’s love (did you know Archangel Chamuel could help you find your soul mate or help you increase the energy in your current relationship?), forgiveness, and mercy are the qualities Archangel Zadkiel’s violet ray envelopes. When we experience true forgiveness and mercy it subsequently will give us a true freedom feeling. To evolve on the spiritual path, we need to leave past and low energies behind. His energy bypasses the rational mind and works at a spiritual level, at the level of the soul. His violet ray will transform your low, dark and bad energies into high-frequency vibrations of the highest possible intensity.

Archangel Zadkiel has a strong connection with Jupiter and because of this, he provides lots of good feelings and blessings like benevolence – an abundance of love and spiritual enlightenment, plenitude, kindheartedness, leniency, absolution, resistance, empathy, thriving, joy, and favorable luck.


Zadkiel is able to recharge your life’s motivations and remember the purpose of your life so you can have an extra positive impulse every day. Archangel Zadkiel is the chief heavenly messenger who works with you on discharging old indignation or sentiments of victimhood so you can recollect and carry on with your celestial life reason. As you approach Zadkiel’s aura and vibrations, he’ll move away from bad feelings and recollect excellent snapshots of your life from your memory whenever you need them, so you can carry on your current pains and overcome them.

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