5 Divine Qualities Of Sealtiel That Will Raise Your Spirituality To New Levels

In the mechanical world we live in, our mundane and robotic lifestyles take us further away from spirituality every day. Are you willing to get back in touch with your consciousness and take your spirituality to new heights? St. Sealtiel and an angel session is a perfect answer to everything you seek.

Although we cannot communicate directly with the Holy Almighty, we can send our prayers to angels. Angels take our prayers to God’s sacred altar and connect us with the divine realm. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Archangel Sealtiel and his qualities.



Who Is Sealtiel?

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St. Sealtiel is also commonly referred to as Archangel Selaphiel in many ancient texts. His name translates to the “prayer of God”, and he is, therefore, called the “angel of prayer”.

St. Sealtiel is, in a way, the mediator of our communication with higher divine realms. Just like Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Sealtiel delivers our prayers to the divine altar of Almighty. Being the master of prayers, he provides us with inspiration. For our efficient communication with the divine realm, he puts just the right words in our mouths to get our voices heard in the sacred altar.

The Role Of Sealtiel In The Ancient Texts

Although St. Sealtiel is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, he has indeed participated in some of the holy events. For instance, in Apoc 8: 3-4, he is the one who brings the incense to those who are praying to the divine altar, the Throne of God. This is why you always find him holding an incense in ancient pictures.

One of the main tasks of Archangel Sealtiel is to help in the communication between higher realms and our prayers (see: Ophanim Angels). There is a mention of it in Revelation 8:3-4 as well. In Revelation, he is the angel who presents the prayers of all those who cry out to God from the Earth.

The last reference we find about St. Sealtiel is an apocryphal ancient Jewish text: The Conflict of Adam and Eve. This book describes explicitly how Archangel Sealtiel, along with Archangel Suriyel under God’s orders, rescues Adam and Eve from the hoax of Satan. The text specifically mentions that it was they who guided Adam and Eve from the top of the high mountain and took them down to the cave of treasures. St. Sealtiel has been called Selaphiel in the book.

Now that you know the ancient origin of St. Sealtiel, we’re going to talk about his qualities. Read on to know in-depth about the main 5 qualities of St. Sealtiel that could impact your spiritual life and increase your level of consciousness:

1. Sealtiel Helps You To Interpret Dreams


One of the most intriguing mysteries of humanity is how to interpret dreams. Most people just can’t understand the messages they receive from higher realms, and that can be sometimes downright baffling. Dreams tend to confuse many people, who spend a lot of time finding the meaning of their dreams to no avail. Those who can get these messages and can interpret them are those who can understand God’s purpose for the coming future.

Archangel Sealtiel facilitates the connection and communication between the physical realm and the highest realms of divinity. Since dreams are one of the ways the angelic realm communicates, he can help you to translate those hidden messages that reach your unconscious mind. (Archangel Haniel sends you messages through your dreams). Understanding your dreams can be the key to unlock lots of blessings and raise your spiritual vibration frequencies as well as your consciousness.

2. Sealtiel Encourages You To Overcome Addictions


Do you feel that dependency is affecting your life and that you just can’t stop? That’s one of the most frustrating feelings you can experiment and the process of stopping or replacing an addiction is sometimes traumatic. This is because our anatomy or our physical self is completely dependent on mundane pleasures that amount to nothing but end up destroying us.

Humans are beings of habits and addictions and some of them can be quite toxic to our health, both in the physical and spiritual sense. At times, we fail to overcome them on our own and need extra divine help to be able to change our bad habits. Archangel Sealtiel can remove all those addictions from our lives. Connecting with him could give you the power and extra help you need to leave all those malefic cravings behind. Through meditation and prayer calling for St. Sealtiel will help you to bring to an end all that enslavement.

3. Sealtiel Protects Children


We all know that God considers children as his favorites. This is because they have an artless and innocent heart that reflects the purity of the Holy Almighty himself. It is precise because of their purity and innocence that one can pollute them with little effort. Children are easily influenced and quick learners and if introduced to bad company, they can lose their innocence in no time.

To protect your children from every bad influence they may encounter along their paths, you need a divine aid that can supervise them at all times. For this, you can turn your prayers to St. Sealtiel. The Archangel Sealtiel has a special affection for the pure souls of children and is said to have been protecting them for an eternity. If you want your children to grow up pure and untouched by any wrong influence, a connection with St. Sealtiel can help you in achieving it.

4. Sealtiel Guides Exorcisms


What is exorcism? Exorcism is a religious practice of casting out demons or any sinful spiritual being from the body of a human. The person on whom an exorcism is performed is believed to have been possessed by an evil soul or a demon who is compelling him to commit a variety of sins. Sometimes it is not a human but an area – a building or a house – that has been possessed by evil powers and needs to be exorcised.

The Holy Archangel Sealtiel, along with his legion of angels, guides the spiritual process of exorcism. St. Sealtiel helps the exorcist to rid the suffering human being from the affliction of being possessed by the evil powers. If you know someone who has been possessed and needs deliverance, you can pray for them to St. Sealtiel. St. Sealtiel is the guiding force of the procedure of exorcism, and efficiently liberates a place or a person from the sinful possession of an evil soul or entity. A professional exorcist or a priest performing the religious process must first take the blessings of St. Sealtiel for its success as well as for the safety and liberty of the possessed soul.

5. Sealtiel Directs The Celestial Choir


Music in itself is divine. But have you ever wondered about how Heavenly music must sound? What a bliss it must be to get lost in the music that has the power uplift our minds and souls, and transcend us into a different and more pleasant world. If you are a lover of music and desire to experience music far greater than any you have listened to in your life, you can pray to St. Sealtiel.

St. Sealtiel is the director of the Celestial Choir in Heaven and is believed to rule over the Heavenly music. This signifies that he has an unfathomable amount of knowledge in the subject of Music, and can guide us better, too. Therefore, whether you are a disciple of music or simply enjoy it, you should pray to St. Sealtiel, the ruler of Heavenly music, for inspiration.

How To Connect With Sealtiel?

With his diverse qualities, St. Sealtiel can help and guide us in several walks of our lives. But how can we connect with the Archangel? You can use prayer to communicate with St. Sealtiel. Given below is the prayer of Archangel Sealtiel that you can recite if you wish to connect to him:

“Oh Selaphiel, pure and holy St. Sealtiel! I pray before you humbly to help me become a blessed Minister at the sacred altar of the Almighty. With your legions of angels, take my prayers to the most gracious God. God has appointed my humble and unworthy self to bestow to the heavenly Mysteries upon all his beloved children. Guide me to earn the merit to be a holy priest after His own Sacred Heart. Pray for me so that I can convey His Holy Grace through my humble voice. Bless me to be able to maintain the honest and spiritual life of His priest. Amen.”


All angels, including Archangel Sealtiel, are powerful spiritual beings who can uplift our consciousness and soul and guide us towards the divine realm. Not only can they inspire us to be better, but they can also help us in getting rid of the addictions that weigh us down in life. They protect us from evil possession and our children from unhealthy influences. Moreover, they guide us in interpreting our dreams so that we can understand them and unlock the blessings that the Almighty has blessed us with.

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