5 Ways Archangel Muriel Can Help During Challenging Times

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Today I’m going to talk about Archangel Muriel. I learned last year that science says synchronicity happens 20% of the time. From my experience, the remaining 80% is orchestrated by our archangels and guides.

So from my perspective, it’s no coincidence an invitation appeared to share these experiences and encounters with one of the most gentle yet powerful archangels.

I was assisting clients who felt “under attack,” had a one-on-one session with a woman fearing voodoo, working with someone to embrace their sensitivities, clearing energy with a client who disagreed with her husband, and not to mention the world is in a pandemic (You may be interested: Archangel Raguel helps you cool down heated arguments and situations).


There literally pops an invitation to share the exact tools and archangel I was working with. 

Archangel Muriel couldn’t have been more clear about sharing this information.

Before we go any further, I want to share from my perspective and experience. Angels don’t do gender. We do. 

Having said that, the archangels will connect with us how we need to see, hear, feel, and know them.

So while energy may feel more feminine or masculine, it’s never for me to name. We get to decide for ourselves.

For me, the collective energy of Archangel Muriel does feel more like a feminine archangel (like ArielJophiel, or Haniel). For others, the energies may feel more masculine. We have to go with what is true for us and know it can change based on various situations.

Feel what’s true! Take a moment (with eyes closed if that feels good), and say the name ‘Archangel Muriel’ a few times silently or aloud. Notice if it feels softer, yin, intuitive, and feminine, or bold, secure, yang, and masculine.

Whatever that is, this gentle, yet powerful archangel Muriel energy can help us to deal with feelings of overwhelm, process anxiety (related to money, emotions, other people, events), embrace sensitivities, and help us to move forward.

All we have to do is ask.

Following are six ways Archangel Muriel can help us, if and when we ask:


1. Archangel Muriel Is Known As The Archangel Of Gentle Emotion


This archangel energy can help with feelings of overwhelm and moving through negativity. When the world is in a state of chaos, this archangel will help to balance our emotional state.

2. Archangel Muriel Helps You Calm Anxiety


Archangel Muriel’s gentle presence can help to process all feelings of anxiety including those related to money, other people, events, emotions, and any sort of attack. In turn, this also helps to remove any fears associated with underlying anxieties.

3. Archangel Muriel’s Layer Of Protection


When we feel we are being attacked, whether it’s from another person, energy, an object, gossip, our finances, or a disease, Archangel Muriel will help to bring in an extra layer of protection.

4. Archangel Muriel Increases Our Sensitivities


Archangel Muriel can help us use our sensitivities, and see that they aren’t a burden or even something to manage. When we are ready to embrace them, she/he can assist us to honor them, and stay at a high frequency so we aren’t affected by outside sources.

5. Archangel Muriel Helps Us Develop Spiritually And Intuitively


While this archangel energy is a master at assisting us through tough times, she/he is also a powerhouse at helping us develop spiritually and intuitively. Using our intuition brings us closer to Greater Spirit, and in turn, assists with all of the above. 

Bonus: Archangel Muriel Has Cleansing Supernatural Powers

According to Wikipedia, the name Muriel is an English name derived from Celtic elements meaning “sea.” No coincidence Archangel Muriel is associated with the element water, which is a very cleansing element. We can use this element to wash and cleanse away all that no longer serves.

Imagine water running over you, sprinkle water around you, or even in the actual shower or a body of water, and say silently or aloud, “Thank you, Archangel Muriel, for cleansing away all that no longer serves me; all anxiety, negativity, and energy coming at me. I release it to the wide sea in another time, space, or dimension where it will be useful. Thank you.”

While Archangel Muriel can and will assist with the above, we have to remember that we have to ask for help first. Then we must take action, and listen for the return message. 

If doubting the presence of Archangel Muriel, know the response can be subtle, and she/he may show up in many different ways.

Following are some ways this powerful archangel energy may respond: 

  • Showing colors of  light pink and white (also tune in to what is true for self)
  • A sensation or feeling in the root chakra
  • Pressure in the third eye
  • A nudge to take stand in self-care and embrace sensitivities
  • Smelling floral scents
  • A nudge to take care of plants and animals
  • A call to help others even when it may seem the resources aren’t available
  • Repetitive thoughts to trust self

For those that like to use tools, consider adding some healing crystals when invoking this archangel. I use rhodochrosite to help with self-love for empaths and highly sensitives, rhodonite points for emotional healing, and hematite to assist with anxiety release.


Finally, because Archangel Muriel is also associated with flowers and floral scents, I like to use essential oils when connecting with Archangel Muriel. Valor, lavender, thieves, jasmine, bergamot (be cautious to use around animals), and ylang-ylang are what I use.

If nudged to work with Archangel Muriel, try the guided meditation provided here. It is my hope doors may open, emotions shift, anxiety is released, and peace prevails.

Archangel Muriel Prayer Meditation

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Gina Nicole

Gina Nicole is a Feng Shui Practitioner and Intuitive Mentor. She supports spiritual seekers to activate their abilities; She guides empaths and highly sensitive people to ignite their intuition, and emerging entrepreneurs to build heart-centered businesses. You can visit Gina on her Facebook Page or at www.ginanicole.net.