5 Comforting Facts About Archangel Cassiel


Who Is Archangel Cassiel

Archangel Cassiel is a very powerful divine entity. He is one of the few archangels that was firstly human and then transcended to the form of an angel (Archangel Sandalphon and Metatron were also human at the beginning).

In Hebrew, his name is Kafziel or Tzafkiel, which means “speed of God”.

Cassiel is a very lonely Archangel. He is also known as the angel of tears and the guardian of Saturn. Apart from that, he doesn’t have any major task regarding serving humanity. He is just an observer of what happens on the universe and God’s creation, including the earth and human beings.


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Although he is prohibited to interfere in any specific destiny situation, he can provide some powerups when he assists you through his energy support. Your aura will become stronger and attract the things you want and need. This is indeed one of the main reasons why you should establish a connection with Archangel Cassiel – to unlock a waterfall of blessings and uplifting energy support for your life.

Although Archangel Cassiel is not as powerful as the main major archangels, he is the principal and governor of the seventh heaven, which is considered the most sacred. As we have explained in previous posts, Heaven is divided into spheres and these spheres are like levels where each one has other levels in the inside. We don’t want to go deep on this topic as it is too long and complex so it deserves a full article about it. However, you can check our post about The most powerful archangels, ranks, and loyalty where we explain in detail each sphere and the types of archangels you may find on each level, and their functions regarding serving humanity and God.

In some tarot cards, Archangel Cassiel is represented with a black robe who carries a scythe. This is why some people refer to him as the archangel of death, which is not true. He is represented that way due to he has a very important task for humanity (maybe the only one we know about). He guides the souls after death to God’s presence.

Now let’s get into the matter of this reading – 5 comforting facts that could help you when you have a strong connection with Archangel Cassiel. Let’s start:

1. Archangel Cassiel’s Presence Is Felt In The Most Difficult Moments Of Life


When you’re in your worst moment, when you think everything is lost, when you have a very difficult loss, you’re broken or you are in the deepest abyss from where you feel you can’t get out, at these moments, Archangel Cassiel will whisper to your ear: “I’m with you, you’re not alone”. Just think of cases when you lost a beloved one, Cassiel will support you to wake up every morning ready to overcome your pain. 

When a person loses his desire for living, Archangel Cassiel will carry all his problems and worries until they can fight again for their lives. This is why Archangel Cassiel cannot be named as the archangel of death.

2. Archangel Cassiel Accompanies You If You’re In Solitude


Archangel Cassiel accompanies the people in solitude or isolation. For some reason of destiny, you may have to move to a new city or country, or maybe you lost a beloved one, your son, husband/wife, or probably it is just difficult for you to create friendships (Archangel Sandalphon helps you find compatible people with your aura), and you like to be alone. Well, Archangel Cassiel likes to help and be a good company for those who are alone in certain phases of their lives.

You may probably live with your family or “friends” sometimes. Maybe you constantly interact with other people at work, etc., but you still feel alone. You feel you don’t have a connection with anyone, as if you were completely isolated in your mind. Well, Archangel Cassiel has this great power of making us feel much better from the inside and makes us feel an angelic connection and aura boost, a boost of divine energy.

3. Archangel Cassiel Helps Lost Souls


Do you know somebody who died but never was a spiritual being? Someone who didn’t have the chance to repent sins? Well, you can pray for those lost souls and ask Archangel Cassiel to assist them in their new transcendent path. Usually, souls that were never spiritual in life end up wandering the earth, or even worse, wandering the Limb. The Limb is an empty zone of the spiritual realm which is big enough to never meet other souls. t’s the absolute solitude. This is where Cassiel helps, assisting those souls and getting them out from the Limb and finding their path to heaven (Archangel Remiel escorts souls after death).

4. Divine Protection In The Sea


All the archangels have supernatural skills, however, most of them are common, like the ability to fly, speed, supernatural strength, etc. They also have certain skills that differentiate one of the other. In this case, Archangel Cassiel has a very specific skill, which is to interpret the language of dolphins. It is known that dolphins are the most intelligent animals of the sea and probably the earth after humans. We may not understand their language, but Cassiel does. 

He is also known as the Angel of the Sea due to his close connection with dolphins. If you’re a person who is constantly on the sea, you live in a city with a coast or you’re going to a trip to the sea, it is a good idea to ask Archangel Cassiel for protection. He will assist you and make sure you do not face any difficulties while in the open sea.

5. Archangel Cassiel Balances Your Karma


Karma is that spiritual score of your soul that depends on your actions and the cause-and-effect law. Archangel Cassiel helps balance karma. He is a spiritual guide who can help you keep a healthy level of karma. Cassiel acts as an internal self, like that inner voice that tells you to do or do not do things. He will help you to impact your karma positively in the long run.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this reading, Archangel Cassiel is not authorized to interfere in the events of destiny, like your choices, however, he can give his support and guide you to help you make the best decisions for your life.

He provides guidance and advice to everyone who wants to hear or asks for his help. He is the most hermit of all the angels, but that’s not a bad thing. There’s a great phrase from the playwright Brendan Francis that says: 

At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep & powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self

He is a lonely angel who roams the universe observing the events and its beauty, but he will support you and give you company on your most key levels when you feel solitude. Probably one of the best connections you can make with the angelic realm.

Archangel Cassiel Prayer

There’s no need of any special steps or rituals, or complicated stuff to connect with Archangel Cassiel (as is needed when trying to connect with Archangel Jophiel). He is there for you whenever you call for his assistance. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at the moment you start praying and connecting with him. You will feel it later during your day, or on the key moments to support you and give you comfort and love. The following is a prayer you can use to call for his help, support, and guidance:

Oh, Holy Archangel Cassiel, speed of God and the universe, guardian of Saturn and all its stars. Wise observer and counselor please surround me with your energy, empower my aura and balance my karma. Hear me in my need (Here mention what do you need from him, if you want to pray for a lost soul, or protection in the sea, if you feel alone and want company and uplifting energy, etc). In my solitude, I find happiness and comfort thanks to your presence and support, help me carry my needs and worries in my most difficult times (mention your difficulties). In the name of the Lord our father. Amen.

With the words above, you can start to establish a basic connection with Cassiel, however, you need to have the habit of prayer and meditation if you want to increase your spiritual levels. Many people just don’t know how or where to start with their prayer and meditation habits. This is why we have prepared a special gift for you, a free .MP3 with an angel meditation session. We will guide you during this session. 

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