5 Reasons To Connect With Archangel Raziel


Who Is Archangel Raziel?

Archangel Raziel is probably one of the most mysterious and fascinating archangels of heaven (some people confuse him with Archangel Azrael). He could easily be used as a fictional character on a TV series (like Amenadiel).

Imagine being the holder and the keeper of all God’s secrets. Imagine being the person who knows all the wisdom and all the divine secrets of this universe. That’s how Archangel Raziel is described. He is a wizard and an alchemist. 


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Archangel Raziel didn’t keep all the Enigma of God for himself. He wrote a book called Sefer Raziel, which means the Book of Raziel. This is where he revealed all the hidden secrets of this universe. He gave the book to Adam after he was expelled from paradise. God sent him to help Adam since he was in despair in the new dark world due to his sinfulness.

The understanding Archangel Raziel has about how God and the universe works are complete to the fullest degree. Those who connect with him unblock an unlimited waterfall of ancient wisdom and innumerable benefits.

We are going to talk about 5 of those benefits which are the most important. Let’s start:

1. Archangel Raziel Can Heal Your Pain


If you suffer from headaches, migraines, and sinus pain, connecting with Archangel Raziel is something that could help you. He has a calming effect on our bodies and organ systems, healing you from your headache, and helping you feel better.

But not only that, he can heal any kind of pain you have in your body, or any other disease related to your organ systems. For example, he can assist you if you have pituitary, thyroid, and other glandular diseases.

Archangel Raziel’s aura is particularly colored like a rainbow which carries all of the divine insights. These insights bring physical and mental healing.

Archangel Muriel can also help you to feel better during moments of stress and pain

2. Reveals Occult Knowledge


We consider that something is occult when it is hidden and is not easy to access or find. In connecting with Archangel Raziel, you can have access to all this wisdom. His knowledge is total and perfect and there’s nothing he doesn’t know. He can help you go beyond your physical and spiritual blocks.

He can give us light onto our spiritual darkness and help us solve all the metaphysical and abstract barriers that are holding us back. It is common to see beginners attached to the material realm in this wonderful spiritual path, however, that’s one of the main blockers you can face when trying to raise your spiritual level or go beyond what you can see. Archangel Raziel gives us an understanding unblocking our spiritual growth. (You may be interested: 5 secrets about Archangel Uriel).

3. Archangel Raziel Helps To Open Throat And Crown Chakra


The throat chakra is related to the element of sound. It is responsible for propagating it into the air and its vibration, therefore, it plays an important role in our communication, the way we express, to speak out.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. It is located at the top of the head. It is activated when we meditate when we are in higher states of consciousness and when we realize there’s much more beyond our selfishness. Opening the crown chakra is the key to unlock higher wisdom and understanding of all the secrets Archangel Raziel can reveal to us.

By helping us open the throat and crown chakra, Archangel Raziel allows us to develop spiritual insights that could unlock new states of consciousness and a superior spiritual level. Archangel Raguel can also help you to open the throat chakra.

4. Archangel Raziel Helps To Develop Inherent Extrasensory Gifts


Some people find that they have special extrasensory skills. These kinds of skills are spiritual gifts from heaven, although it requires some divine help to develop these gifts to a high level of consciousness to use them at will. It is not something you can just decide to use. There’s a divine purpose in every gift we receive from God. Archangel Raziel can help us develop those skills that can be psychic or extrasensory (see Ophanim Angels). He can also help us to understand why we have been granted with these divine skills – how to proceed, how and when to make good use of them, and help other human beings.

If you don’t know if you have these skills or not, Archangel Raziel will guide you and will let you know if you have them or not – not verbally – but you will feel his answers during your meditation and prayer sessions, helping you to accelerate your psychic opening.

5. Unlock Higher Manifestation Powers


Manifestation or miracles can be attracted through different techniques. There are many of them, however, the most important is your relationship with God and the Archangels. To be more specific, it’s your relationship with the major archangel names including Archangel Raziel. He can unblock the manifesting of blessings of the highest light and spiritual realm in your life. As we’ve mentioned, there are a lot of manifestation techniques and teachings that only focus on the material desires, completely superficial things of this world. Raziel helps you to understand the laws of attraction in a higher level of spiritual consciousness so you can experiment and feel the true powers of manifestation.

If you’re interested in learning how to manifest miracles in your life in a way you can use at will, and how to build a strong relationship with the archangels to achieve it, I invite you to take a look at this four-sentence prayer

Archangel Raziel Prayer And Invocation

Invoking Archangel Raziel is not difficult but you need discipline and consistency. Praying once to him is not enough to call his attention, aura, and light. You need the habit of including him in all your prayers and meditation sessions if you want his light to brighten your darkness. At some point in your perseverance praying to him, you will start to feel his aura evolving you in a waterfall of divinity and a new level of consciousness. It is hard to explain how it feels when you finally connect with Raziel, however, you will notice it instantly once you experiment it for the first time. Now we are going to show you an example of Archangel Raziel prayer, so you can invoke him in your sessions:

“Archangel Raziel… I’m grateful for all the blessings you have woven into the laws of attraction  and into my life. Please show me your secrets about the universe and divine laws of creation to some day master them and manifest miracles in my life and to help others. I’m really honored because you accept me as your apprentice and teach me the higher Truths of the Universe.

Please connect with me today, in a way I can feel and taste. I ask for your guidance and support in unlocking all the knowledge and wisdom you can give me, please raise my spirituality to a new level of consciousness and light. Help me understand the purpose of all the divine gifts God has granted me, and teach me how to use them.”

We hope you enjoyed this reading. We also hope to plant the seed of Archangel Raziel in your heart so you start a healthy relationship with this alchemist and angelic wizard to unlock the magic within your life. If you read this, it may be a signal that Raziel is giving you, telling you that he wants to connect with you as well, so take advantage and start your journey today.

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With love,

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