5 Powerful Qualities Of Remiel, Archangel Of God’s Thunder

Archangel Remiel is also known as Archangel Ramiel. He appeared in the Book of Enoch and is known as the powerful ‘Thunder of God’. He is also known as the ‘Angel of Hope’. Due to this, he is summoned for help when you are feeling depressed or sad. He is said to stand closest to God and is responsible for guiding souls into heaven once they have passed into spirit. He is the protector of the divine throne amongst the archangels of God.

‘God’s mercy’ is the Remiel name meaning and he is sent by God to beings that experience feelings of distress. His most prominent role is to be caring and restore harmony for those in need of it. Archangel Remiel is an extremely powerful angel as he is to be called upon only when you want to make substantial changes in your life.


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Owing to his powerful nature, you can hear the rumbling of distant thunder when he is nearby. He is also responsible for divine visions and is believed to have destroyed the armies of Sennacherib. He is credited with being the agent of instructions of the other seven archangels.

It is believed that Remiel is Archangel Jeremiel due to other translations of his name but they are different deities. Remiel or Ramiel can also be translated to “Mercy of God” or “Lord of Souls Awaiting Resurrection.” Other meanings of Remiel also include “God Raises Up.”

There are some mentions of Archangel Remiel being Seraphim, which are questioned as Seraphs are different heavenly creatures. These creatures are symbolic of the role of protectors that are responsible for the protection of the holy throne.

Archangel Remiel has often been labeled as a ‘fallen watcher’ like Amenadiel or Angel Sariel. This is used as a term to describe a fallen angel as a result of the war between God and Lucifer. However, he is believed to beg for forgiveness and restored his place in heaven.

Now that you have an idea about the background of this archangel, let’s take a look at his effect on our spiritual health. Given below is a list of the five most powerful qualities offered by Archangel Remiel that can improve our spiritual health.


1. Archangel Remiel Can Communicate With Us In Our Dreams


You can connect with Archangel Remiel in your dreams (Archangel Haniel also sends you messages through your dreams). This is done by reaching out to your unconscious and summoning Remiel before going to sleep. During your dreams, pay attention to the signs that he is trying to send you. This is done to relieve you of any imminent troubles in your life.

Remiel usually conveys in a message in your dreams through symbols. If you are confused or unaware of the meaning of these symbols, you can request clarity the next day before going to sleep. Interpreting dreams is a divine quality you need to learn to master. This activity can be carried out if you have doubts about your spiritual health. Communicating with Remiel in your dreams can also aid your spiritual connection by deepening it.

2. Archangel Remiel Is A Companion For Your Spiritual Connection


Remiel can effectively improve your spiritual health with meaningful guidance. His responsibility for providing divine vision can significantly improve our direction and encourage us to follow the right path. He can assist the process of improving your spirituality and deepening your spiritual connection as he has the power to communicate with your spirit.

Allow his golden wings to consume you with a definite connection and surround you with intense love. All you need to do is surrender to Remiel’s presence and have faith in his magic. This will flood your life with miracles that will improve your spiritual health and strengthen your connection with the world.

3. Archangel Remiel Gives You Wisdom


Archangel Remiel is depicted as an angel surrounded by a brilliant white light and a magnificent presence. Due to his attribution with hope, he is credited with gracefully exploring your life and restoring balance. Remiel can clear your mind and help you overcome your doubts with affection.

The Archangel is said to possess deep and thoughtful brown eyes that shine with hope. Along with this calming feature, he has golden hair. Remiel uses his power to influence your perception to improve your wisdom. With the help of this wisdom, you can increase the joy and happiness in your life while also overcoming obstacles with ease (see: 5 ways Archangel Muriel can help you during difficult times).

4. Archangel Remiel Eases Pain For The Dying


If a loved one is dying, Remiel is called upon to help our loved one take their last breath without any pain. He plays a special role in escorting your loved one to the light and facilitates release to the dying. He instills the courage of letting go into the ones that are holding on and refusing to leave, thereby reducing their pain (see: Azrael, the angel of death).

Due to this, Archangel Remiel removes the pain associated with hanging on and instead escorts them to the other side, ensuring that your loved one does not pass alone. He takes your loved one in peace and eliminates any further suffering of their spirit.

5. Review Your Present Life


Archangel Remiel can support you as you take charge of your activities and decisions regarding your plans for the future accordingly. He is a teacher as well as a mentor who will guide us to see others as well as ourselves in a loving way. He motivates people to learn from their mistakes, seeks a new direction, solves problems, pursues healing, and finds encouragement.

He communicates hopeful messages from God to people who are feeling discouraged or defeated during their lives. Troubled people can ask Remiel to review their lives and understand what God would want them to change to fulfill his purposes for their lives in the best possible way.

Archangel Remiel can take you on a magical healing journey along the pathway of light in the sky. He helps you view aspects of your life that are beautiful and filled with happiness. Moments of pride and joy are brought back to your mind by Remiel to remind you of God’s glory.

Remiel allows you to take a step back and review everything you have learned in this lifetime and encourages growth. He highlights the moments of your life when you were patient and loving and brings out the reaction of others to your emotions and actions. Remiel ensures that you let go of your old habits of judging yourself or others to promote growth.

Archangel Remiel can effectively protect you by giving you signs as to who has integrity and who will assist your spiritual growth. He allows you to drop any old restrictive habits that could adversely affect your spiritual health.  Elimination of barriers to love within all relationships is promoted by communicating with Remiel.

Archangel Remiel Prayer


While praying to Remiel, there is no necessity of embracing numerous rituals and steps. He is available whenever you require assistance. Praying to him will establish a connection that will enable him to provide support and comfort throughout the day.

Although praying to Archangel Remiel is not restricted to a single prayer, there are some words that you can follow for guidance. However, it is always better to make the prayer personal and reach for it from within yourself to allow Remiel to understand your problems in-depth.

Dictate the following words when you wish to reach out to Remiel (or Ramiel):

“Holy Archangel Remiel, protector of the throne of God, the angel of divine vision and dreams, I am grateful to God for making you the messenger for troubled people. I ask you guide me as I go through my life and evaluate what God would like me to change. Hear me in my needs and use a divine vision to encourage me. I need your guidance for fixing the broken relationships in my life. Please show me the way to start healing myself and my loved ones. I ask that you send me a sign to guide me in the right direction to overcome the bitterness and failure. In the name of our father, the Lord. Amen.”

In times of need or necessity for guidance, utter the words given above and obtain help from Archangel Remiel. A prayer will establish the required connection with the Archangel and enable him to assess your needs. However, this process takes time and patience, along with consistency. Ensure that you pray to Remiel and meditate regularly to begin the process of improving your spiritual health.

Praying to Remiel encourages you to act lovingly towards yourself and others. It helps you realize that you cannot change other people, and you can only control how you react to their actions. This mindset stimulates healing and spiritual growth as you are proudest of yourself when you exhibit feelings of love.

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